Lebanese-American Man Alleges FBI Polygraph Abuse

San Diego television station KGTV reports on the case of Ibrahim Nasser in a Yahoo! news story titled “Local Man Feels Threatened by FBI.” This short article is cited here in full:

Lebanon-born U.S. citizen Ibrahim Nasser spent four hours talking with the FBI Monday.

Nasser was first introduced to 10News viewers Sunday, when he told of his experience of having FBI agents search his apartment and accuse him of knowing Osama bin Laden. They also lied to him about his family, Nasser claims, telling him that his ex-wife was in jail and that his brother had been running guns for skinheads.

Nasser told 10News that during his talks Monday with FBI officials he was hooked up to a lie-detector machine as agents swore at him and accused him of lying.

“They kept saying that the results didn’t come out right because I kept lying to them,” Nasser told 10News.

He said that agents were angry with him because he had spoken to 10News.

“I told them, ‘That’s my right,'” Nasser said. “I’m not like a garbage bag. I’m a human being.”

Nasser believes that FBI agents are acting on a false tip from his ex-wife, who he believes is trying to make life difficult for him after the two went through a messy divorce.

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