Robert S. Mueller III on FBI Polygraph Policy

At the first day of his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, FBI Director designate Robert S. Mueller III voiced his support for continued polygraph screening of senior FBI officials:

Sen. Hatch: …We understand that the FBI is now requiring polygraphs for managers handling national security matters. Are you willing to continue that uh, that approach?

Mueller: Yes.

Sen Hatch: And would you be willing to take a polygraph yourself if that, if that were the case?

Mueller: Yes. Indeed, I uh, it is my belief you don’t — this may be my training from the Marine Corps — but you don’t ask people to do that which you’re unwilling to do yourself. I have already taken that polygraph.

Sen. Hatch: The only reason I ask that question is I thought you had, and I just think it’s…

Mueller: [laughter]

Sen. Hatch: important. In particular…how did you do?

[general laughter]

Mueller: I’m sitting here; that’s all I’ve got to say!

Sen. Hatch: I’m sorry, we just hope you had a good examiner, that’s all….

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