“FBI Should Be Polygraph-tested”

In this commentary, WorldNetDaily staff writer Jon E. Dougherty argues for polygraph screening at FBI. Excerpt:

Is it just me, or does the federal government get more arrogant by the year?

A report by CBS News last week demonstrates well the government’s worsening “us versus them” mentality.

It seems that FBI agents are ticked off because Director Louis Freeh and Attorney General John Ashcroft are considering administering widespread — and frequent — polygraph examinations to agents.

Had this been done all along, security advocates have said, guys like Robert Hanssen — the 25-year FBI vet who has allegedly spied for Russia for 15 of those years until he was caught last month — could have been discovered much sooner.

Now, however, Freeh is having second thoughts because FBI agents are whining about having to take the tests. They say polygraphs aren’t always accurate, which is true. They say they’re afraid that a couple of false positives could sack the careers of some otherwise honest agents — a legitimate concern.

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