“Nailing the Pretest Interview”: A Presentation by Skip Webb

AntiPolygraph.org has obtained a copy of a 2005 PowerPoint presentation prepared by former U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Supervisory Agent and American Polygraph Association past president and past chairman of the board of directors Milton O. “Skip” Webb, Jr.

Titled “Nailing the Pre-Test Interview: The key to reducing no opinion tests,” this presentation has been a favorite at polygraph conferences for years.

With a focus on specific issue polygraph interrogations conducted in criminal investigations, the opening slides offer a candid acknowledgement of the sort of examiner bias and error that can beset polygraph “tests.” This documentation may be useful to any attorney who needs to challenge the reliability of a client’s polygraph “test.” The following slides speak for themselves:

The entire 44-slide presentation may be downloaded as a 6.5 MB PDF file or as a 269 kb PPT file.

Sam Donaldson Interviews Skip Webb and Doug Williams

In ABC News’ “Sam Show” webcast, Sam Donaldson interviews American Polygraph Association president Milton O. “Skip” Webb Jr. and Doug Williams, author of “How to Sting the Polygraph.” To view this webcast, go to Sam Donaldson’s page on the ABC News website at http://more.abcnews.go.com/onair/dailynews/samdonaldson_index.html and select the show for 2 March 2001. You will need RealPlayer to view this half-hour program. The Sam Show page also has a link through which you can e-mail Sam Donaldson with commentary.