American Polygraph Association Declines Comment as More Racist Text Messages by Member Daniel Ribacoff Surface

Polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff on the set of the Steve Wilcos Show, which cut ties with him after racist text messages came to light

Dirty Cops & PIs blog founder and editor Jeffrey Augustine reports on newly discovered racist text messages attributed to disgraced polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff in an article titled, “Trouble for Polygraph Expert Dan Ribacoff as More Racist Texts Surface.”

Both and Dirty Cops & PIs previously reported on a different set of racist text messages sent by Ribacoff.

The new racist text messages are associated with Ribacoff’s business’s California telephone number, +13105920027.

One of the newly reported racist text messages associated with Daniel Ribacoff’s California cell phone number (Dirty Cops & PIs blog image)

For his report, Augustine contacted the American Polygraph Association—of which Ribacoff is an associate member—”for comment regarding Ribacoff’s alleged racist text messages and their implications for the polygraph industry.”

American Polygraph Association President Roy Ortiz (APA photo)

In reply, American Polygraph Association president Roy Ortiz “stated that the APA does not comment on matters involving litigation.” It is noteworthy 1) that Augustine’s inquiry was not limited to litigation that Ribacoff faces, 2) that the American Polygraph Association is not a party to that litigation, and 3) that the American Polygraph Association bylaws include no such restriction on commentary.

In 2003, American Polygraph Association president Roy Ortiz, then an APA director and the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department’s polygraph unit, was the subject of specific and credible allegations of corruption.

American Polygraph Association Director Lisa Ribacoff (APA photo)

Augustine also notes that Daniel Ribacoff’s daughter and business associate, Lisa Ribacoff, is a director of the American Polygraph Association:

In the course of our research, we discovered that Dan Ribacoff’s daughter, Lisa Ribacoff, is a current director and board member of the American Polygraph Association. Given the serious implications of the racist messages allegedly sent by the father and CEO of Lisa Ribacoff’s company, and in order to maintain a minimal level of integrity, the APA should require Ms. Ribacoff to recuse herself from participating as a Director of their organization.

Augustine’s article may be read in full here.

Comments 1

  • The American Polygraph Association appears to be a racist organization, or at the very least refuses to acknowledge racist behavior by at least three of its members, Daniel and Lisa Ribacoff, and Patrick Coffey. I checked the membership of the above three individuals and they are all still members of the APA as of 6/16/22.
    A professional and ethical organization would have suspended the memberships of the three members until an investigation could be completed, and then made a statement that racism is not to be tolerated. I have never heard APA make such a statement or that they are even investigating, or have investigated, the three members for possible racism from Lisa and Patrick, and over the top racism from Dan.
    I do not know if the APA is giving the Ribacoffs a free pass on racist behavior, and other immoral acts, since they may be the best-known polygraphists in the US, or APA does not believe in ethical behavior in general. Perhaps APA just believes in collecting dues and serving as a marketing organization for the pseudo profession of polygraphy.
    I know polygraphists and the related goofballs in voice stress analysis follow this website, otherwise there would not have been at least three goofy legal threats made to AP.

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