U.S. Department of Justice Effectively Concedes that Polygraph Countermeasures Are Effective

The U.S. Department of Justice effectively conceded that polygraph countermeasures are effective in arguing against incarcerated polygraph critic Doug Williamsmotion that he be allowed to engage in polygraph-related activities during his upcoming three-year period of supervised release. DOJ’s opposition brief (PDF), filed on 10 February 2017, notes, at p. 2:

In addition to training manuals and DVDs, defendant sold in-person, confidential, “one-on-one” polygraph countermeasures training sessions. During these sessions, defendant taught clients how to pass polygraph tests even if they were lying. (emphasis added)

The brief, which largely recaps details of the government-orchestrated “crimes” for which Williams was convicted, concludes by arguing that “the restriction on polygraph-related activities for the full term of supervised release is the minimum restriction necessary to protect the public.” This flies in the face of the polygraph community’s claims that sophisticated polygraph countermeasures can be routinely detected and are ineffective.

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  • Not Surprising. Now we have Converus (EyeDetect) selling and promoting yet another device as to augment the effectiveness of polygraph.

  • I almost forgot. Mark Cuban, a fan and financial supporter of Hillary Clinton is a major investor in Converus (EyeDetect) and a constant basher of President Trump. They are trying to sell EyeDetect as the secondary tool to polygraph to the federal government through C3 Polygraph (Fed Contractor). It should be interesting to see if the Trump Admin does the due diligence to see that Cuban is behind this company.


  • Poly countermeasures work because they have time to work. Poly countermeasures are less effective on EyeDetect because the questions “time out” after three seconds. There is no time for poly countermeasures to work.

    Todd, Cuban is a minority investor in Converus, not a majority investor. He was allowed to invest because he has a reputation as a savvy tech investor and a strong rolodex to help the company. He was a vocal critic of Trump during the campaign and continues to comment as a private citizen about policies with which he disagrees. No one on this thread should have an issue with his free speech.

    The Trump administration is well aware of Cuban’s investment in Converus. I spoke directly to Trump Jr. about it when he saw a demo in Utah. They don’t care about Mark’s investment, and certainly would not reject EyeDetect on the basis that Mark invested.

    Last, there are multiple federal contractors introducing EyeDetect to US federal agencies, not just C3A.

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