U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Applicant Megan Brown Discusses Her Polygraph Experience

In this video statement posted to YouTube on 31 January 2017, U.S. Customs and Border Protection applicant Megan Brown describes her pre-employment polygraph experience, which included an accusation of attempted polygraph countermeasures:


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  • My son-in-law recently had the same experience. He recently received an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Marine Corp. Had a excellent record while serving and was accused of many wrongdoings during the CBP polygraph. As a 27 year veteran of Law Enforcement, it sickens me that exceptionally and honorable candidates are being disqualified and wrongly accused. Something needs to be done.

    • Your so in law is not alone. My son was told he failed Polly in the terrorist ties section or something like that. The opposite of him is more likely. Its almost like the examinor has lost their mind.This show’s these examiner’s are clue less. They are a discrace to Homeland Security, and should be replaced, while draining the swamp. They do not want good people in these jobs, that will be assets to our security.

  • This just happened to my 24 year old son today. He was floored and could not understand why it was happening. He has jumped all the hoops and was so hopeful today going into this test. He had nothing to hide. Yet, he was told that he was trying to “trick’ the test (monitor his breathing, swallowing too much, etc.). She accused him of looking things upon the internet on how to pass the test. He has a clean background and has zero to lie about. He really felt like today was going to be a great day to get through one more of the steps. He is just so confused as to why he was being berated for his behavior. He felt he was being a ‘normal’ as he could and answering all the questions honestly. I see he is not the only one this has happened to. It’s too bad that good candidates are being put through this and missing out on a future in this field all because of ONE person’s opinion.

  • My son is an investigator for the state,However applied for the border patrol position. He was told he failed the test due to the terrorist ties section. This to me is an outrage. I served my father served, we are as American as can be and love this country. These Polly examiners apperently took a 2 hour course in Polly grabbing. This is an outrage and they are a disgrace.

  • I guess I may have spoke to soon. He retook the poly and passed. He did not tell me since he’s been waiting for hiring and training.

  • Meagan, I recently had an experience like this. I spoke the truth about everything and was accused of holding something back. He even asked me at the end to basically admit that I attempted to manipulate the test and saying that it was completely okay if I did. This is even after I signed a consent form that said I wouldn’t attempt to manipulate it. And above all others I should actually have been exempted from taking the test due to being a veteran with a top secret clearance. Something that I didn’t know until after taking the test. I am considering filing a lawsuit for the latter if I am not hired and I am curious if you would like to be apart of it.

  • Plain and simple. This Cbp polygraph is ridiculous. There’s no explanation for the ridiculous things they are accusing well qualified patriotic candidates of. They accused my son of being connected to terrorist. Which could not be further from the truth. I hav served for many years protecting this wonderful country from terrorists. And for these idiots to accuse my son of this is not only insulting but down right criminal. It’s about time for CBP to do something about this.

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