Penn & Teller Bullshit! Lie Detector Episode

As has been discussed on the message board, Penn Jillette, the “bigger, louder half” of the magic and comedy duo Penn & Teller, has disclosed via Twitter that a forthcoming episode of the Emmy Award-winning Showtime series Penn & Teller Bullshit! will concern “the bullshit of lie detectors.” anticipates that this PTBS episode will be one of the most informative and entertaining ever.

Update: For a synopsis of this episode, see the message board thread, Penn & Teller Bullshit! Lie Detector Episode (Season 7, Episode 5). The full episode itself may be viewed below:

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  • I agree that lie detector test are bullshit. Always have, but now I facing charges and having to take one. Still bullshit and I say also fuck the guy who made the polygraph test what a waste of fucking time.

  • hey dummy you have no obligation to take a polygraph test if you’re being charged with a crime.

  • if you want to be a cop, you have to take a lie detector test. the military also uses them for employee screening, even though it’s complete voodoo science and utter nonsense.

  • as does the CIA in job interviews.

  • Once you pass the first one…. its ALL CAKE!!!! A sphincter squeeze is it!

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