“UNK to Receive $1 Million for Polygraph and Transportation Research”

SWNEBR.net reports. Excerpt:

KEARNEY, NE–In Kearney, Nebraska today Nebraska’s Senator Ben Nelson announced that the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) will receive one million federal research dollars to study two important issues.

The first project is to improve the reliability of polygraph technology in an effort to make it more useful in law enforcement and national security settings. Approximately half a million dollars has been dedicated to this polygraph research venture.

UNK researchers will investigate the influence of polygraph testing on false confessions and the use of lie detectors in the evaluation and monitoring of post conviction behavior.

Development of this project is in direct response to recommendations made by the National Research Council and the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute.

It should be noted that the National Research concluded with regard to future polygraph research that “[t]he inherent ambiguity of the physiological measures used in the polygraph suggest that further investments in improving polygraph technique and interpretation will bring only modest improvements in accuracy.” (original emphasis)

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