Israel: “CEO’s Decision to Polygraph Execs – At Behest of Cellcom Board”

Ha’aretz reports. Excerpt:

Cellcom’s shareholders are the ones behind the controversial order of the mobile operator’s brand new CEO, Yitzhak Peterburg, that company executives undergo lie detection tests as a precondition for their continued employment, after a series of leaks to the press.

Specifically, the shareholders ordered Peterburg to halt the rash of leaks, which disclosed details of Cellcom’s new working plan and internal top-level discussions, by a crushing move. Peterburg was the one who decided to use a polygraph, an idea that won the shareholders’ support.

Peterburg’s directive was designed mainly as a deterrent, not necessarily to hunt down offending managers, on whom he – as a new manager – is dependent.

Outraged executives lost no time leaking their complaints to the press. Labor law executives noted that despite the lack of precedence in court rulings, mandatory polygraphing is probably illegal under the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom (1992).

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