Israel: “Cellcom CEO Puts Execs Under the Grill”

Hadar Horesh reports for Ha’aretz. Excerpt:

Yitzhak Peterburg, the new president and CEO of Cellcom cellular phone company, has been so disturbed by recent leaks to the press of corporate doings, that he called senior executives together yesterday and told them to take a polygraph test to establish who was responsible for the leaks.

Whoever refused to take the lie-detector test would be fired, he said. And to set an example, Peterburg himself volunteered to be the first to take the test.

Since Peterburg took over at the end of last year, company executives have complained about his new style of management, which often leaves them out of decision-making. Earlier this month, he announced a series of cost-cutting measures including 10 percent pay cuts for senior executives and the reduction of 280 jobs. This follows downsizing of 450 workers in 2002.

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