Polygraph Dragnet in Fraud Probe at Namibian Bank

In an article titled, “Boss or unionist?” Max Hamata reports for The Namibian on a polygraph dragnet that has led to the suspension of five employees for failing their “tests.” Excerpt: A TOP union official has been accused of exposing himself to a conflict of interest after the bank he chairs subjected six employees to lie detector tests as part of a fraud probe.

Ranga Haikali, who is both Secretary General of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) and Chairman of City Savings and Investment Bank (CSIB), has backed the tests for bank employees suspected of fraud.

CSIB suspended five employees after they failed lie detector tests instituted with the agreement of the bank’s board.

Some of the employees who volunteered to take the polygraph or lie detector tests said they were promised that the findings of the tests would not be used as conclusive evidence or lead to them being suspended or dismissed.

However, they were shocked when to subsequently letters stating that they had been suspended for their involvement in “irregularities”.

The letters did not specify what kind of irregularities.

The Namibian later published under the title “Polygraph Is Fraud” a letter from AntiPolygraph.org’s George Maschke written in response to this article.

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