Modesto, Calif. Mayor Issues Polygraph Challenge

The Modesto Bee reports on a polygraph challenge issued by Modesto mayor Carmen Sabatino in an article titled “Mayor argues for lie detector test.” This short article is cited in full, with hyperlinks added by


Modesto Mayor Carmen Sabatino [] publicly challenged Stanislaus County Supervisor Ray Simon [] on Tuesday to take a lie detector test regarding the 1999 mayoral election.

Simon was not interested. “I wouldn’t be so foolish as to take a lie detector test — I don’t care what (Sabatino) demands,” he said. “Frankly, this is just another example of his bullying attitude.”

Though the California secretary of state’s office cleared county officials of wrongdoing, Sabatino continues to charge that Simon, County Counsel Mick Krausnick and others tried to manipulate when ballots would go out for the all-mail runoff election.

Monday, a Superior Court judge agreed with Sabatino’s recommendation that the civil grand jury investigate itself for a possible breach of confidentiality regarding release of a document tied to Sabatino’s manipulation claim.

Though no one admits leaking the document, which Simon had on his Web site at one point, Krausnick said no breach occurred because the document is public record.

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