Onslow County, North Carolina Commissioner Urges Lie Detector “Tests”

Jacksonville Daily News staff writer William Davis reports in an article titled, “Onslow ups the ante for answers.” Excerpt (hyperlinks by AntiPolygraph.org):

County manager Ron Lewis was mum about a meeting tonight between county commissioners and the Onslow Board of Health, but Commissioner Jack Bright said he would ask the Health Department to begin administering lie detector tests to employees who are the subject of complaints against the department.

The two boards will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Health Department auditorium to discuss “matters of mutual concern.”

The county has a long history of problems with certain sections of the Health Department. Commissioners have called public meetings to address complaints about the environmental health section and have repeatedly expressed concerns about the department at their regular meetings.

Bright said he hopes the meeting will help the two boards settle some of the issues. He and other commissioners have received complaints both about the environmental health section — which oversees the enforcement of septic tanks — and the animal control section.

Polygraph tests, Bright said, would help determine the innocence or guilt of department employees, but those at the department have been resistant to the idea.

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