National Polygraph Association Calls for Polygraph Screening of Airport Employees

In an article titled, “Airlines – Part of National Security” published in issue #55 of the biweekly e-zine, The Polygraph Chronicles, National Polygraph Association president Kenneth J. Whaley argues for mandatory polygraph screening of airport employees. Excerpt:

September 11, 2001, firmly established that the airline industry is involved in national security. Not only the airlines, but those who provide them with support and assistance such as pre-departure screening personnel, caterers, janitors and other air-terminal employees.

On September 13, 2001 the National Polygraph Association (NPA) and its members all over the United States were encouraged to make contact with their State Labor Administrators to solicit their opinions regarding the “Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988” (EPPA), and its application to ALL airport employees. NPA President, Kenneth J. Whaley, also sent letters to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Regional Counsel in Los Angeles, who then forwarded it to Washington D.C., reminding them of the EPPA law and it not exempting security guards or retailers within the airport buildings.

The National Polygraph Association is in communication with Federal Aviation Authority and the National Security Council to attempt to develop guidelines for administering polygraph examinations in the pre-employment screening of employees at and on airport facilities. Letters to those agencies also discuss specific tests related to suspect activity in which employees may be involved in activity possibly detrimental to the security of our nation.

The Polygraph Chronicles is not archived on-line, but subsription is free and is available by submitting one’s e-mail address to The Polygraph Place.

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