DoDPI General Question Test Documentation “Most Likely Has Been Discarded”

In response to to’s Freedom of Information Act request dated 10 June 2001 for all Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI) materials describing the General Question Technique (GQT), whether on paper, videotape, computer media, or in any other format, the Defense Security Service (DSS) claims that DoDPI has probably discarded any information about this polygraph technique (a remarkable action for an ostensible “research” institute). The following is an excerpt from DSS’s response dated 14 August 2001:

Please understand that the material you are seeking is no longer utilized by DODPI and has not been a part of their instruction for four years. Therefore, it most likely has been discarded. Certainly a copy might conceivably exist, but if the DODPI staff can’t reasonably ascertain its location, DSS/DODPI is not going to conduct a wide-ranging, “unreasonably burdensome” search for it.

For further reading on the GQT, see the message board thread, DoDPI General Question “Test.”

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