A new antipolygraph website seems to be in the offing. Donald J. Krapohl <>, who is employed in the research division of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute at Fort Jackson, SC, and who is also the editor-in-chief of the American Polygraph Association quarterly, Polygraph, has registered the domain name “” with Network Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Krapohl has yet to associate any content with the domain name “,” but possible uses of this registration include:

  • the establishment of an honest-to-goodness antipolygraph website (alas, this seems unlikely);
  • denying this domain name to;
  • establishment of a parody site;
  • and, most ominously, establishment of a dummy antipolygraph site to collect IP addresses and other information regarding individuals researching polygraphy. vistors should be careful not to confuse our URL with “”.

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