“National Academy Begins Polygraph Study”

Steven Aftergood reports in today’s edition of the electronic newsletter Secrecy News:


The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences is undertaking a new review of the validity and reliability of the polygraph, or “lie detector.”

The 18 month review, which was proposed by Sen. Jeff Bingaman and funded by the Department of Energy, will examine the controversial use of polygraph testing for personnel security screening. And it “will include what is known about the effect of medications, sleep deprivation, and illnesses on the physiological responses measured.”

The first meeting of the study panel has been scheduled for January 26-27 at the National Academy building in Washington, DC. Most of the meeting will be open to the public.

Further information, including the names of the proposed panel members, may be found here:


See George Maschke’s bulletin board message “National Academy of Sciences Polygraph Study” for links to proposed panel members’ home pages.

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