Government Still Relying on Polygraphy in Wen Ho Lee Investigation

Washington Post staff writer Walter Pincus, in an article entitled, “For Government, Wen Ho Lee Mystery Deepens” writes that efforts to recover from a New Mexico dump the data tapes that Dr. Lee allegedly threw in a trash bin have been fruitless. Pincus observes:

Under the terms of Lee’s plea agreement, the 10 days of questioning granted the government are over; the only step left for the government is to administer a polygraph or “lie detector” exam.

“If he shows deception” on the fundamental questions of why he made the tapes and whether he destroyed them, a senior official said, “we are right back where we were when we first discovered what he had done.”

Pincus’ anonymous senior official needs to learn about the lie behind the lie detector: polygraph chart readings cannot provide the answers the FBI and Energy Department are looking for.

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