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Suggest all USSS Applicants Consider Refusing a Polygraph Exam from Special Agent Ellen Ripperger
Jan 16th, 2018 at 4:37am
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There are a number of consequences to failing a polygraph exam which will not be disclosed to an applicant. Any United States Secret Service (USSS) applicant should review the following true case and consider refusing to take a USSS polygraph examination, especially with Special Agent Ellen Ripperger. Should an applicant decide to go forward with a USSS polygraph exam after digesting this information, they should be aware that USSS can always assign another examiner to administer a polygraph exam at the applicant’s request.

Any experience the reader may have with Special Agent Ellen Ripperger may be substantially different than that described here, however two USSS Special Agents confirmed that the experience described here was far from unique.

The applicant in question expressed gratitude to the two USSS Special Agents who contacted him after his exam, and are making continuing efforts to correct an injustice. It was not lost on this applicant the significance of two Special Agents choosing to support an applicant to their organization that they did not know personally, but who felt was treated improperly, over that of one of their fellow Special Agents whom they both felt did not behave ethically.

When anyone takes a polygraph exam with any federal agency including the USSS, a recording is made of the entire exam. In fact, all modern Commercially Available off the Shelf (COTS) polygraph software utilized by federal agencies has both video and audio capability built into the software. The applicant will be told that the recording is made to protect both them and the Special Agent administering the exam. However, in this instance, the applicant was not provided a copy of the audio recording when they alleged that something illegal, improper, or unethical happened during their exam. The recordings have been routinely produced however to exonerate a Special Agent accused of any wrong doing during an exam. Even a FOIA request may not yield the release of the recording of an exam, and if it does anything useful will probably be redacted, and its release will take years after which any time limits for legal remedies will have long expired.

In this instance, a judge ordered the release of the audio of the polygraph exam in question which the USSS vigorously fought to suppress under “law enforcement investigatory privilege.” After the USSS objection to providing the recording was overruled, the USSS provided the audio files that supposedly contained the sought after recording.  However, the audio files provided by the USSS were virtually blank and contained nothing of any use or significance. Only a few minutes of the approximately five-hour-and-thirty-five-minute polygraph examination were audible.

The polygraph examinee was contacted by two individuals who identified themselves as USSS Special Agents. The agents made clear they knew intimate details of the applicant’s exam. One Special Agent told the applicant the audio file of his exam had been destroyed when he filed a complaint. Another Special Agent told the applicant he had ethical issues with how his exam was conducted.

Despite an affidavit from Danny Seiler, a former Supervisor Sergeant and Polygraph Examiner for the Maryland State Police which stated “Since 1991 in the approximate 2,500 polygraph examinations that I have given, the microphones have never failed to record the exam; nor have the exams not been recorded for any other reason”, the Judge ruled against the applicant when a default judgment was requested based on the illegible polygraph audio files and chose to accept the USSS explanation that a faulty microphone caused all the pertinent areas of the audio recording of the polygraph exam to not be recorded.

A complaint was sent to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) John Roth (attached) requesting they investigate the Possible Destruction or Tampering of Evidence Utilizing of Government Information Technology Systems by the United States Secret Service. Multiple inquiries by Senator Chris Van Hollen finally revealed that DHS OIG chose not to investigate this matter, but instead referred the matter back to the United States Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility. Despite significant evidence submitted to DHS OIG that either the crime of perjury by a USSS Special Agent, or the destruction of evidence by USSS had more likely than not been committed by the USSS, DHS OIG chose not to investigate the matter.

Since DHS OIG has refused to investigate this matter, follow up requests for investigation of this matter have been sent to the Department of Justice, the Office of Government Ethics, and a second request to the new acting DHS OIG Inspector General John Kelly articulating concerns about how the former Inspector General John Roth of DHS OIG choose to handle this matter.

Updates with information pertaining to this case will continue to be posted to this thread so that others may have the ability to make an informed decisions about submitting to a process which carries the risk of long term negative career implications even when the applicant is innocent of any wrong doing. There is a witch hunt within the USSS regarding this matter, which may hinder the ability to post new information in a timely manner.

2_DHS_OIG_USSS_Letter_20171204.pdf ( 49 KB | 77 Downloads )
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Re: Suggest all USSS Applicants Consider Refusing a Polygraph Exam from Special Agent Ellen Ripperger
Reply #1 - Jan 16th, 2018 at 7:17am
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Thank you for sharing this information, which the public has an indisputable right to know. Might you be able to provide a copy of any video or audio recording and/or transcript of Special Agent Ripperger's and Special Agent Edward Alston's depositions?

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Suggest all USSS Applicants Consider Refusing a Polygraph Exam from Special Agent Ellen Ripperger

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