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I passed my polygraph, but failed my background. ANY ADVICE??
Mar 5th, 2020 at 5:46pm
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I had a question regarding the polygraph. So before the polygraph, I was asked numerous questions that are in the PHS packet, but I also realized that most of the questions that I was asked during the pre-polygraph exam weren’t in the PHS packet such as have you ever urinated in public, have you ever accidentally took a pen from work, have you ever been a middle man, etc. I asked the polygraph examiner if some of these questions were going to be held accountable since they do not match my PHS due to the fact that they are not asked in the packet, however, the examiner stated that those questions he was asking were used as a technique to calm me and release all my anxiety, sort of when you admit/confess to some thing and feel better about it after. In other words, so once I would start the polygraph, I wouldn’t be as nervous and failed.

I also asked him if that was going to make me look bad such as if other departments were going to look at those pre questions and make their decision based off of those and he said they were only for him to look at. What I didn’t understand was he told me those were just for him to view, but yet, when I would say yes to some of those questions I see him type stuff down in his laptop. He also said those questions  were being asked so he would know which questions to ask during the polygraph exam.... for some reason I thought he was lying to me and he caught on to that because he said “I’m not trying to lie to you or trick you, etc, etc I’m just trying to help you pass I like to give candidates the chance to pass, and some fail because they didn’t say some things because they were scared, embarrassed, etc”

The questions were like “have you ever smoked weed? Yes. No more than how many times ? 6 times ?”

So my question is next time I do a polygraph for a different department, do I have to remember the same exact things I told this polygraph examiner ? Like how am I supposed to remember ? Will I end up failing my background new use of this ? I passed my polygraph by the way and once I passed, I met with my background investigator the following week to review my PHS packet again and he read to me a highlighted paragraph that the polygraph examiner wrote about me such as “chris lives with his three roommates and he graduated from San Diego state, etc, etc.” he never brought up like “oh so you smoked weed six times, urinated in public once, etc” so I’m just wondering if I need to say the same thing In every pre polygraph exam? 
Another thing that was odd to me was I failed a question during the polygraph , but he let me take it again and asked me what was wrong, so I took the question over three times and I passed it. My BI didn’t mention that part also.. so I don’t know if the polygraph examiner actually mentioned those answers that I gave him or not? It’s pretty stressing 

So a few months ago I failed my background. I got an email saying,
       “you fail to meet the minimum department standards in one or more of the job dimensions for peace officers.”

This was in mid October of this year. Now, in early June of 2019, I was detained for drunk in public for a few hours and I was released with no citation. So my guess is that’s why I failed my background ? What I don’t understand is that they actually let me go through each step just to tell me I didn’t meet the minimum standards ? What I’m trying to figure out is why didn’t they disqualify me from the get go? For example, I took the written test in January of this year, so this was before the drunk in public incident. After, I was on the employment list for a few months until about August and then I was contacted if I was interested in an extra help position for a juvenile correctional officer. In order to even go through the process, the first step was to meet with a background investigator and review your PHS packet with him/her and also go through a quick interview. If we did good on that we would move on to the next step which is the polygraph... (which I passed as well). So when I first met with my background investigator, we reviewed my PHS and he saw that I was detained early this year in June. So why didn’t he just DQ me right then and there ? Perhaps, could it been a bad reference ? When I met with him after I passed my polygraph, we went over my PHS packet once again, and he also read a paragraph to me of what the polygraph examiner wrote about me. After, my Bi has told me he sent letters to all my references and old employers. Three weeks later, I received that email. So my question is, was I DQ’d because of how recent that incident occurred ? I tried contacting my BI several times and I even left him a few voicemails and he wouldn’t get back to me.

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I passed my polygraph, but failed my background. ANY ADVICE??

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