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Just had my CBP poly
Feb 6th, 2020 at 4:25pm
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Well, the process was a joke.  I had zero faith in the system and the examiner so it came back as a no decision exam.  I only made it through two different question groups.  George's book and directed lie guide for CPB were on the money for everything I experienced down to the number they made me choose for the stim test.  Oh yea, I was totally a screamer or whatever terminology the dude used.   

A couple of weird things happened though. 

1.) I was shifted from directed lie to control question test after the first bank of questions.  Not sure if they thought I was using countermeasure.  (not reacting because you know the test is bogus isnt a countermeasure IMO..but whatever)

2.) I was given the silent answer test from the start.  I had just finished the stim test and he had me stare at some point on the wall and slightly nod yes or no to each of the questions.   

3.) My breathing was normal, so I feel like he was trying to throw me by tightening the cuff even more.  For the first test, it was comfortable, but for the breakout tests they really clamped that shit down and my hand turned purple.  I ignored it and continued breathing like a normal human being.   

3.) He kept telling me I was spiking on the control questions and that was an indication that of not having enough integrity for the CBP.  He kept stressing that I would have no movement across the board which I know is crap.  Does that mean I more than likely had zero movement across the needles and he wanted to rattle me?   

From the others I've talked to, it seems like a new normal to bring you in, get you through  a couple rounds of questioning, deem you no decision and then bring you back another day. Huge waste of time if you ask me, but now I know for sure that the test is a sca.

At the end, it really took every ounce of my fiber and self control to not say "I thought my body was unable to lie without giving me away, how could this test be inconclusive?"  And that statement right there is why I know the test is complete and utter bullshit.
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Re: Just had my CBP poly
Reply #1 - Feb 6th, 2020 at 7:38pm
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Thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding your points:

1. I do not know what might prompt a polygraph operator to switch from a directed-lie to a probable-lie format. I don't see how doing that would be an effective counter-countermeasure.

2. I haven't heard of the silent answer technique being used from the very beginning of a polygraph "test," either.

3. A "Back to Basics" presentation used as part of the NCCA countermeasures course includes a suggestion (at slide 22) to overinflate the blood pressure cuff to punish examinees who breath more slowly than the polygraph operator would like. Perhaps this is what happened in your case, but I wouldn't necessarily assume this to be the case, especially in light of the next point.

4. Your polygraph operator's telling you that you were spiking on the "control" questions may have been an attempt to sensitize you to them, which would have the expected effect of helping you to pass.

Note that if your polygraph was performed by a contractor, the contractor receives more money when an applicant is brought back for a second session (or if the applicant is disqualified and a new applicant must be polygraphed to fill the opening). This may create perverse incentives.

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Re: Just had my CBP poly
Reply #2 - Feb 26th, 2020 at 8:55pm
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LOL, so I just got back from my retest on my polygraph and was accused of countermeasures.  They even gave me the yes test towards the end.   

So like before, I know the magic voodoo box isn't real.  And to be honest, I didn't really care about getting hired at CBP, I just wanted to have other options as Im in the process for a few local police departments.   

He got really really pissed off that I passed a local police polygraph.  He asked me if I had taken any other polygraphs and I said yea, I took one for a police department outside of Minneapolis and he started raging about how he doesnt care if I passed that, this is the only one that counts.   

So he had me do the exact same process as last time.  I stared at a spot on the wall and had to nod my head yes or no.  He kept commending me on being able to sit still.   

So, we get through the first two portions and on the third he starts to get really angry.  He goes to the yes test, and then the test is cut and we move immediately into post test.   

He immediately said I failed all portions of the polygraph and Im withholding some serious information.  I played it cool, politely disagreed and informed them that  I was being truthful and forthcoming, I also tactfully implied that no amount of badgering or accusations would get me to admit otherwise.   

They then accused me of mental countermeasures.  He said something along the lines of "what were you thinking about?"  "there is evidence you were trying to change your physiology."   I politely replied that I was only focused on answering the questions that were being asked of me.  He then stated that he knew I was manipulating the data as my heartbeat was abnormally high during certain questions which points to abnormal physiology and countermeasures.   

At this point, I knew I was toast and asked them point blank.   
"Sir, can you tell me what questions my heartbeat increased for, because I can say with certainty that the integrity questions you asked me about whether I'm a good person or not did cause me some discontent as my self esteem isn't always the highest."   He responded with a "you tell me what questions, you were manipulating the test."   In which I then responded "No, sir.  In fact I am confused.  You told me at the beginning of the test that the machine was infallible and could detect lies regardless of how much anyone tried to cheat the test."  He looked at me stunned at that point.  I then followed up with, "you said my heartbeat was off the charts for certain questions.  From what you explained to me, that happens when you are lying.  What reason would I have to speed up my heartbeat for any of the questions, both questions about crimes and integrity questions, knowing that it would cost me employment with the CBP?"   This is when he got really really angry with me.  The funny part, is that he had my eqip and knew I graduated Law School and specialized in litigation.  He didn't say a word, then stood up, dismissed me and didnt even shake my had to thank me for coming in.  Just opened to the door and told me how to get out of the building.   

So I knew I failed, and I put him on the defensive in his own interrogation which offered me a slight amount of vindication.  But then it got me wondering when I left.....What would they do if you came in there to test, and you were an American Polygraph Association certified polygrapher?  That would make for a very very interesting session.
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Re: Just had my CBP poly
Reply #3 - Mar 5th, 2020 at 5:34am
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Wow. Powerful, powerful story. Huge props to you sir.
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Just had my CBP poly

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