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Re: Another CIA reject
Reply #15 - Oct 29th, 2016 at 4:49pm
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AAFJE wrote on Oct 15th, 2016 at 2:06am:

I would not recommending appealing for CIA denial, unless you want to wait an unexpected amount of time. I was denied a security clearance on October 2013, and I appealed. However, it has been 3 years and I have not heard back from the agency. I've been stuck in limbo since then. Long story short, the polygraphers and adjudicators interrogated me 3 times each lasting several hours and made false allegations against me. Now they've permanently damaged my reputation and I probably have 0% chance of every getting any kind of clearance.

I was not denied employment because of my polygraph.  I suspect, but can obviously not prove that I was denied because of my disability.

More likely (at least as I suspect happened in my case) it was a background investigation that went awry.   You should make a PA request to the Agency for their records on you.

There will, of course, be redactions, but you may be able to glean (as was I) the basic reasons for their ending your application process. Embarrassed

What do we call it when every employee of the Agency's Office of Security
and Office of Personnel drowns in the Potomac?   A great beginning!

The best intelligence community employee is a compromised IC employee!
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