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multiple false negatives despite telling the truth
Mar 25th, 2014 at 9:03pm
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I have had horrible experiences with the polygraph despite telling the truth and I have no idea as to why I get the results back that I do. I have applied to multiple LE Agencies and have taken multiple polygraph exams. The process has always been the same in which the examiner tries to fluff you up, ask you what you know about the polygraph, and how perfect of a machine it is. They also always try to relate the supposed physiological reaction that lying produces to some non related scenario and they will ask you to think of a time you were really scared, fearful, or lied in the past and to remember how you felt. They apparently relate the physiological response from lying to your parents with seeing a shark in the beach or being fearful for your life or some other non sense like that. Then they put the blood pressure cuff, chords, and sweat monitors on your fingers and so on and so on.

Being truthfully honest I have never done any drugs, I never have had an alcoholic drink in my life or have committed any serious crime, or really any crime that I can recall at all beside shoplifting when I was 5 or 6 years old, keeping some a few minuscule office supplies from a job, speeding, and maybe doing certain outdoor recreational activities without the proper licensing. 

Long story short though, despite telling the truth, holding nothing back, and feeling calm, cool, and collected on one polygraph the examiner told me that I was lying about my use of illegal drugs which I wasn't. Another said that I have must of had committed or had some involvement in illegal criminal activity as if I'll if I'm a dang Pablo Escobar dealing dope or like I'm a murderer or some ethiopian email scammer. The another one said that I was lying about something in the pre test booklet such as my employment history, like I'm lying about working at Bruster's ice cream or cleaning lanes at a bowling alley. Like they want me to confess that I'm part of some secret international ponzi scheme, getting paid to launder money from some shady bank or that I'm a hitman who use to work for the mob...fagetaboutit.

The polygraph is an awful machine to use and its stupid to think you can catch a shady person through some blood pressure measurements and ball sweat on your fingertips. I'm not saying that I'm God's gift to the Earth or anything like that, but it's frustrating being branded a liar when you are the most sober, honest, and open son of a gun in the world. I bet a nun at the vatican would call me crazy if they knew that I don't drink and do drugs given the type of environment that I grew up in. But ahh well, its all good, at the end of the day it is what it is I guess, but I sure know that it doesn't look to good to other possible LE angencies if they know that I've failed polygraphs, wait forget that, I didn't "fail" em as if its an actual test, but yall know what I mean..... 

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multiple false negatives despite telling the truth

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