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Add this to the book please.
Oct 19th, 2002 at 10:06am
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Smiley  To the Author(s) of this book.

I read the book twice, and still thought I'd pass with flying colors since I am inocent of a sex crime, thats all I want to say about that since I didn't follow the advise.  I learned that a polygragh is not admissable in court I Learned this during my polygraph when I literally gave up believing that this stupid test showed me lying and held out my hands to be hand cuffed when I was told that I was not being honest.  This really threw my 17 year friend detective that was already having trouble believing I was being accused.  They (the interrigators) both shot back physically in their seats saying, my name and then "the tests not that good, as a matter of fact, the results can not be used in court!  I needed to be a man, and take the punishment I deserved and come clean.

I was shocked to learn this, and it might have been explained in this wonderful book, but I didn't catch it!  I never will admit to doing what I was acused of doing, when I didn't do it.  I would sooner be in jail for the rest of my life for something I didn't do than lie to take the easy way out - two years which was offered to me to be a man.  Are we all that stupid?

I feel at this point that my accuser after almost a year might be coming clean this next week as she has asked to meet with me to discuss "We all make mistakes".  I write this only because of this, as I've learned to not trust anyone anymore, especially my 28 year old daughter whom has learned that she may never see us again since we are moving out of the state to her unknown. The tough part is I still love her, and consider her one of the miracles of my life, the day of her birth. I am not accused of molesting her, I might add.

I will check back on this board for responses.  I still refuse to give my real name, call me paranoid.
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Re: Add this to the book please.
Reply #1 - Oct 19th, 2002 at 10:36am
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Thanks for suggesting this. We had considered it to be common knowledge that polygraph results are not generally admissible as evidence in an American court of law. There are some exceptions, though. For example, in some cases, where both the prosecution and the defense stipulate to the admissibility of a polygraph examination, the results may be admissible. Sometimes prosecutors convince suspects to sign such stipulation agreements by suggesting that they might drop charges if the suspect passes the "test." (We think it is highly inadvisable for anyone suspected of a crime to agree to such terms.)

In the state of New Mexico, polygraph results may be admissible as evidence in court without the stipulation of both parties. And in various jurisdictions, polygraphs results are admitted without stipulation as evidence in the sentencing phase of a trial.

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Re: Add this to the book please.
Reply #2 - Oct 19th, 2002 at 11:21am
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Well, it became common knowledge for me that day in a hurry!  I passed this website to a on-line college school friend that's husband is being accused for child molestation of a neighbor child (3) as the authorities are requesting a polygragh after interrigating him for 4 hours to be a man and not a snake as he is and he denied it to the end.   

I have kept this under raps for almost a year to this point.  Once I heard this, I let my story out to her.  Since I finally wised up and told the police that I would not corporate with them on the next phase of DNA testing last May even though I really wanted to do it to prove my inocence, I've not heard a word from them.  I now fear that my daughter will be in big trouble with the law herself for creating this story.  I can not believe how something like this can nearly distroy me and the rest of my family.  Believe me, I would have never taken this test if I was guilty.   

When I reviewed the book after the "test" I didn't think to add that I was a disabled Veteran with poor blood circulation.  They just asked if I had high blood pressure or a heart condition.  It didn't dawn on me that a circlatory condition could effect the results too. Well, I planned to use this in the grand jury if it ever got that far if for some reason this got out.
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