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Mar 24th, 2002 at 3:10am
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This is my first post on this message board. I hope to obtain some feedback on my situtation!
My boyfriend was wrongfully accused a year ago, or sexually abusing his son. After 10 months or pretrials, the prosecution should have begun to see he is innocent. Since he was still sticking to his "innocent" claim, they tried to scare him, by adding several more charges against him. They then added two counts of rape and one count of intimidation. He is NOT guilty and will not admit to something he did not do!
After they added these additional charges, our attorney filed a third supplemental discovery! This made the prosecutor AND the judge raise their eyebrows! They were NOT expecting that! the prosecutor is going to have my boyfriends son take a CVSA test. For the last year the attorneys have told us they will NOT make his son take the test since they consider him the "victim", and not the perpatrator. BUT, now they are making him take the test. This kid is only 14 years old, and it is documented through counseling and everyone that knows him what a liar he is!
The prosecution tried to get my boyfriend to take a CVSA, but his attorney would NOT allow it. It's a documented fact that police officers and detectives have used this as a means of adding addtional charges onto someone.
The fact that the system would allow accusations to get to this level is appalling to me! There is NO physical evidence! Our lives have been stressed and ruined in the last year in more ways than one, from a lying kids word! It's sad and scary that a child could have this much power and control over an adults life!
We don't want to get our hopes up about this test, but it's the closest thing we have had to good news in over a year!
Any feedback from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated!
Have a nice evening!
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Reply #1 - Mar 24th, 2002 at 3:30am
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For what it's worth, you and your boyfriend, as well as your boyfriend's lawyer and any judge before whom such purported "evidence" may eventually be presented need to know that CVSA, like polygraphy, is a pseudoscientific fraud and is completely bereft of any diagnostic value.

For an authoritative critique of lie detection via voice stress analysis, see Chapter 11 of Professor David T. Lykken's book, A Tremor in the Blood: Uses and Abuses of the Lie Detector (2nd edition; New York: Plenum Trade, 1998).

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