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Author Topic:   Orolan A sex Offenders Story about Polygraph
posted 01-02-2008 01:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ebvan   Click Here to Email ebvan     Edit/Delete Message
Orolan has just popped up on AP, I guess after several months hiatus. I did a search and found this under several thousand posts in his name at SEXCRIMINALS.COM

After looking at some of his posts at both places I am pretty sure it's the same guy.

This is his story about how he defeated the polygraph. Sorry It's kind of long but I thought maybe a few would read it and offer their thoughts.

Posted by orolan on Oct 17, 2003 10:14 PM | Also by orolan
Gender: Male, Age Bracket: 40 - 49, State: N/A, Country: United States

I took my first polygraph after being told that I needed to repeat therapy due to a VOP. I was not given an explanation as to why I didn’t have to do it the first time I was in therapy.
My attorney and I had numerous discussions about the upcoming polygraph, mainly brainstorming sessions on how to discredit the polygraph without incurring another VOP or a criminal charge. I was confident that I could “lie” and the examiner would not be able to “detect” it. It would all depend on what lies were told. We decided that I would make some “admissions” on the pre-test questionnaire that would be of interest to the examiner but would actually be falsehoods. I would then answer that these falsehoods were in fact the truth. We were quite confident that these admissions would result in some action by the Probation Supervisor, and would then be proven as falsehoods.
I admitted on the questionnaire that I possessed pornographic videos, magazines and digital photographs involving children. During the pre-test interview, we further narrowed this down to 7 videos, 11 magazines and an educated guess at 12,000 images. Naturally, the examiner had assured me that I needed to be “honest and forthright” in my admissions, and that “nothing will happen to you for telling the truth, only for lying”. And he also gave me the spiel about “Forget about trying to lie, the machine will KNOW you are lying. Note that I (truthfully) made no admissions to having any unauthorized contact with minors.
I was hooked up, and we went on with the test. I was asked “Other than what you have told me about, do you possess any illicit images of any kind involving minors?”. I was asked “Have you had any unauthorized contact with minors?”. I was asked “Other than what you have told me about, have you violated any laws or probation conditions?”. I was asked “Have you been completely truthful with me today?”. And I was asked “Have you been completely truthful in your therapy sessions?”.
I was asked these questions five different times, in different orders. After the third series the examiner left the room for five minutes, stating that he “forgot to do something”. When he returned, he ran the last two series. He then unhooked me, shook my hand and said “Congratulations. You passed and I’m glad you aren’t out there molesting children. You’re free to go now.” So I left.
When I got home (a 50-mile drive), there were two Probation Supervisors, 5 police officers and one State Police Investigator sitting in my yard and driveway. My Probation Supervisor told me they were there to search my house for illicit materials, because the polygraph examiner had called him and told him about my admissions and that I had “flat-lined” all five charts, indicating that I was telling the truth. The State Police Investigator expressed some reservations about searching my house without my consent, even though my Probation Supervisor had a statutory right to conduct a search without any warrant or consent. The Investigator asked that I sign a consent form, which I did after a quick call to my attorney.
The search lasted for over 5 hours. My attorney showed up after two hours, when I called to tell him they were still there. They completely trashed my house looking for the “illicit materials”. Clothes dumped out of drawers, furniture moved, rugs lifted, kitchen cabinets emptied, beds dismantled, etc. They crawled around under my house, they ransacked my storage shed, and they combed the front and back yards looking for signs of digging. While all this went on, the State Police Investigator concentrated on my two computers. My “usual” computer, a Windows machine, was no problem for him. He ran his ‘Encase’ software, and found nothing out of the ordinary. A few photos of children that were “canned” images that came with Microsoft Powerpoint, but nothing else. It was my other computer that gave him fits. It was an older machine, and I had installed Red Hat Linux 5.0 on it as a “test” machine so I could learn how to use that OS. The Investigator was totally lost, and wanted me to “help” him navigate through it. I asked him if he was the resident “computer expert” at the local State Police Barracks, and he said he was. So I told him to figure it out himself, since he was the expert. My attorney stood by me and told him the same thing, telling me at the same time to not even give the guy my login info. Needless to say, this caused a bit of anger in the Investigator, followed quickly by a dawning realization on his part(wrongly so) that this must be the computer with all the images on it.
By this time, the search was winding down. The Probation Supervisors and police officers had managed to find a copy of TeenCosmo left by one of my kids, and a copy of the movie Wild America, also left by my kids. Nothing remotely resembling the illicit materials I was supposed to have was ever found. The State Police Investigator took my Linux computer back to the Barracks with him and sent it on to the crime lab, since he never could figure out how to access the files. The crime lab returned the computer 8 months later, with a letter stating that there were no illicit files or traces of illicit files.
I was never charged with anything, by Probation or the police. When I explained the “reasoning” behind my actions and that it was a pre-planned setup, my Probation Supervisor became quite angry. But he could do nothing. I had complied fully with the terms of my probation, and no laws had been broken.
The following year, I was once again scheduled for a polygraph. This time, the examiner sent a letter to me and my Probation Supervisor declining to give me another polygraph. I was disappointed, because I had a whole new story about alien abduction and sex with underage aliens from a far-off galaxy that I wanted to “confess” to. Anyway, it was agreed that if my therapist would discharge me from therapy, I would not have to take the polygraph. So she did discharge me. Funny thing is, other probationers in my district who have been discharged from therapy are still taking annual polygraphs.
Polygraphs are a joke. If you tell the examiner what he wants or expects to hear, he’ll say you’re telling the truth. If you don’t admit to something relevant, you’re lying. I will concede that the “fear” of the polygraph may cause some sex offenders to think before they do something they shouldn’t do. As a deterrent, the polygraph has some validity. But as my case proved, it sucks at detecting truth or deception.

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posted 01-02-2008 02:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for stat   Click Here to Email stat     Edit/Delete Message
That certainly sounds like our man. What a fontz. If he had tried that HS in Indiana, he would have been incarcerated, regardless of how devious his attorney was.

Could you private message that piece to him? I wonder if he would proudly admit to such manipulation.

"This is our hill and these are our beans."----
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posted 01-02-2008 02:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ebvan   Click Here to Email ebvan     Edit/Delete Message
I may at some point mail it to him and see if he will own up, but at least for awhile I will use tiny parts of his posts there to spank him with his own words. This guy has posted over 7000 times there but suddenly stopped in 2006, I wonder if he got busted by his P.O.

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posted 01-02-2008 02:43 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Taylor   Click Here to Email Taylor     Edit/Delete Message
Before I go to - what kind of site is it?

As for Orlans post - he is a slimy bastard!

“Other than what you have told me about, do you possess any illicit images of any kind involving minors?”. NOTE: if he never had the images to begin with he could pass this as the question is DY possess any more illicit images….

“Have you had any unauthorized contact with minors?” It appears he didn’t have the contact (hopefully)

“Other than what you have told me about, have you violated any laws or probation conditions?” I hate this question as it is so broad along with the MULTI issue test.

“Have you been completely truthful with me today?”. My guess is this has to be a CQ and if so he probably hit on it because of his lies. Of course, if that happened, interrogate, interrogate, interrogate. (plus I don't like the question)

“Have you been completely truthful in your therapy sessions?”. CQ?

Just goes to show you that the offenders have all the time in the world to think of ways to screw with people. In Utah the PO’s would have contacted the Board of Pardons and had his parole revoked for non-compliance with his parole stipulations. If I was the PO I would have added up the expenses for the investigation and had the BOP add it to his restitution.

If someone walked into a polygraph and stated they had 12,000 images of child porn – why would we ask ’are you being truthful about having those images? OR do you have anymore (isn’t 12,000 enough-just confiscate the computer etc)?’ On a maintenance exam with those pre-test admissions, I would have contacted the PO and had him taken into custody immediately. I don’t think a polygraph could be effective (psych set) – hell, if true, he is facing federal time.

Lastly, if I was the examiner and decided to run a test, I definitely would have broken the issues into specific issue exams. Actually, I would only ask about hands on victims.

Remember we are only getting the Offenders version of the polygraph. Maybe he made the entire situation up!

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posted 01-02-2008 02:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ebvan   Click Here to Email ebvan     Edit/Delete Message
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Our site's purpose is to provide information and resources for all types of people to become more educated about sex crimes, sex offenders and related topics. In addition, our forums and private messaging allow users to share their experiences, ask questions, get advice, receive support and discuss and debate related topics.

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