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Normal Topic Portland Police Bureau Polygraph Policy (Read 1176 times)
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Portland Police Bureau Polygraph Policy
Nov 10th, 2018 at 7:51pm
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Does anyone know what the Portland Police Bureau's policy is regarding failed polygraphs at other agencies? I know Oregon has prohibited the use of polygraphs for law enforcement pre employment screening, but is there anything prohibiting them from looking at an out of state polygraph? If not does anybody have insight into their specific views on any failed polygraphs?

I haven't failed any and I don't plan on it. But, I'm currently waiting for my BI to start and I'm afraid that if I apply to my local PD or any other agency that polygraphs, and I do happen to fail (not that uncommon it seems like), that PPB will use that as a reason to DQ me since they can't run a poly of their own.

I've looked at Mcminnville PD in OR and their application specifically asked if you've ever failed a poly. So this makes me want to steer clear of any agency that polygraphs. It's just frustrating because all the agencies in my state seem to poly.

Also, if anybody has info on whether other states that don't poly (e.g. Minnesota, Michigan, etc.) can use out of state polygraphs to DQ applicants.

It seems to me most would jump at the chance to do so given that they can't run one of their own. Whereas agencies that can run a new one on you might seem more forgiving of a failed poly since they seem to trust their own results so much.
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