Normal Topic The paranoid nature of pre-employment interviews in general (Read 2029 times)
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The paranoid nature of pre-employment interviews in general
Mar 23rd, 2018 at 1:01pm
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After reading multiple interview memoirs, I get the impression that the agencies are risk-averse to the point of paranoia. The analogy I could come up with is that if you report that you have a minor paper cut, they think you have sepsis and tetanus.

For real, 

"You have a spicy sex life? So did Robert Hanssen, you are a spy!"

"You mentioned whistleblowing (nevermind that you were feeling bummed for the day and that it was just an off-hand remark)? You must be the next Snowden, you are fired!"

"You got laid with a teen in high school (nevermind that you were a teen back then and that your partner was the same grade as you)? You came in sexual contact with a minor!"

"You smoked that Mary Jane a couple times in that one frat party? You are a habitual drug user!"

I am quite sure that plenty more examples exist in terms of blowing things out of proportion. Anyone care to share some more  Smiley?
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Re: The paranoid nature of pre-employment interviews in general
Reply #1 - Apr 3rd, 2018 at 1:19am
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You were let go from a casual/menial job you held while in college?

You have  loser informants that will say nasty things about you,
so that they will finally get their "day in the sun"?

"When polygraphs are outlawed, only outlaws will use polygraphs"
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The paranoid nature of pre-employment interviews in general

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