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Can a parole officer force his parolee to take a poly
Jul 25th, 2017 at 6:33pm
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So this is kind of sensitive. My wife and i have been married for 9 years. Her ex is raising the kids. We have them on weekends and summer. The kids have been going through a lot and they started acting out. The one son lets call him kyle. Kyle started stealing candy bars and we would talk to him etc then it worked its way up until he and his friends broke into another friends home and stole about 49k in recording and music equiüment. He is on parole and has been doing really well. His dad and him had a fallibg out so we said he was welcome to come stay with zs. We wanted to show that since he fulfilled his obligations to the law that we too view his slate as clean. A few weeks after he moved in he said out of the blue that he hd to go see a friend and he wanted a ride. Ling story short he started acting more desperate. He finally said that he didnt want to tell us everything because he has his own life to live and shouldnt have to give reasons for why he needs to leave. I would agree normally. Ut this came out of nowhere. Then he said his friends brother just died and he needed to be tgere to comfort his friend. Hmmmm anyway his other friend came and picked him up. Couple weeks later i notice a guitar case is sitting upside down on the shelf. Sure enough it was empty. This was a extremely sentimental guitar. Odd part is there were other guitars that were more valueable and he left them. Also this particular case was locked and so eone broke into it. Then i start looking around to find other items nissing. We filed a police report. Everyone agrees that who ever took it didnt want it discovered for awhile. I am in this room probably every ither day. I guess you can call it my man cave. So i know it happened only days before i noticed it. Another oddthing why leave the case? Why leave others? The weirdest thing is the room is locked also with a pad lock thT i hid tgat no one and i nean no one knew where it was. But im bot tgat stupid i realize something happened i must have left some sort of opportunity. So my question is this. Since he is still meeting with his parole officer will he encourage kyle to take the poly to prove he didnt take it? This is really hard on my wufe as well. Im kinda thinking i should take ny lunps and try to move on because theres really a no win for her. She will be hurt if he took it and then she will think ill be mad the rest of my life. If i dont do it then maybe that question will always fester in the back of my mind. If we ask him straight out to take one he will sinply say no im not going to take it. Then my wife gets hurt because i accused him and she holds that against me. The detective said that maybe if kyle knew he wasnt the only one taking it that it may go easier. So i guess thats it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Can a parole officer force his parolee to take a poly
Reply #1 - Jul 25th, 2017 at 7:01pm
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To answer the question in the title of your post, yes, in some jurisdictions, a parole officer can compel his parolee to take a polygraph "test." But you need to understand that polygraph "testing" is a pseudoscientific fraud. It is completely without validity, and it would be a mistake for you to seek to compel Kyle to submit to a polygraph interrogation. Liars can easily beat the polygraph, while the truthful are often wrongly accused of lying.

Based on your account, it would seem likely that Kyle has stolen from you. A more rational approach than resorting to lie detector "testing" would be to seek evidence of the fruits of the crime -- either your missing property or unexplained wealth. When warranted, a parole officer can typically conduct an unannounced inspection of a parolee's property.

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Can a parole officer force his parolee to take a poly

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