Normal Topic Questions about control question. Need clarification ! (Read 1770 times)
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Questions about control question. Need clarification !
Nov 22nd, 2016 at 2:46am
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Hello all. I am a new member but not new to this site . After much concern about failing a poly while telling the truth , I found myself on this site. I am no saint but I'm not some gang banger running the streets lol. Just your typical guy who's smoked pot a few times in college , a few parking tickets . No criminal background . I am applying for several local law enforcement agencies hence my concern for the test. I have been on hundreds of threads and topics on here and am quite familiar "so I think" with the procedures .  I have read and downloaded TLBTLD and found it most informative and gave me a great bit of confidence and relief . I have read and re read chapters 3 and 4 and understand control , irrelevant , and relevant . I understand the countermeasures that can be applied , both mental and physical . My question for George or any one who has experience with polys is this . During my control questions , when "I'm suppose to purposely lie" , wouldn't  telling the truth while applying CMs work as well and give the examiner what he or she wants to see  ,of coursewhile applying controlled breathing during relevant . It seems the purpose of the control is to set a baseline on how you react during a lie to compare to the relevant , being the questions they ask they assume everyone has done. So if I were to honestly answer all the control questions while applying CMs how would I go about answering the same question reworded , like , "other than what you have told me "? Keep applying CMs? Or treat the same reworded question as a relevant with control breathing and happy thoughts ? Or would I be safer just lying on controls while applying CMs and control my breathing on the relevant . wouldn't it seem suspicious and look bad on my behalf  to lie on all the control questions with the polygraph administrator assuming everyone has lied to a love one or stolen something ect ect . 
Any insight would be much appreciated with my polygraph coming up in a couple weeks . Like I said , I am new to all this but think I have a good understanding . If I am wrong , tell me I am wrong and rebuttal me with correct information as there are people on here with experience and knowledge . Thanks in advanced !! Smiley Smiley
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Questions about control question. Need clarification !

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