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Re: Does polygraph ask about medical?
Reply #15 - Apr 27th, 2014 at 1:49pm
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Thank you guys for your help. So the test questions that they only care about are about National Security?

DoD administers counterintelligence-scope polygraph examinations. The relevant questions will be those in the handbook.

Also I committed Internet forum fraud on an Army website by lying about my name and birthdate(I wanted ask about underage drinking and didn't want to use my name) and also pirated movies online. (never got in trouble or went to jail)Should be concerned at all?

Not if you keep your mouth shut. Actually, these aren't that significant, but if you're stupid enough to describe what you did as "Internet forum fraud," you're inviting your polygraph examiner to play up that admission and to find you deceptive on a relevant question about misuse of a computer system. Keep your mouth shut.

Would be asked about these lies in my post test interview? If so...what should I do?

The polygraph can't read your mind. Your polygraph examiner will know only what you choose to tell him.
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