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Jan 8th, 2010 at 5:54am
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My husband asked me to take a polygraph test because he heard a rumor I cheated on him which I didn't .I took the test because I felt I had nothing to hide but the test said that I did in fact have sex with that person while I was married and he now  thinks that I did,  I did not do this he filed for divorce over this. Out of the 3  relevant questions it showed deception on 2 of them. What would cause this I want him to believe me we have 2 wonderful children together but he is disgusted by the idea of this. I want him back he was working out of town when this happened . I was not honest on some of the control questions out of fear like have you ever lied under oath and knowing about certain crimes and did not report them . He asked if I had sex with two different men the tester told my husband that I was deceptive on one of them but not the other . I DID NOT have sex with either of them. And I feel this test wrecked my life. My husband called the tester and asked but he was adamant that I was lying which infuriated him more he not only considers me an adulterer but feels I should have just admitted that I cheated and saved him 1000 dollars . I will not admit something I did not do. Before the test he even said that if I failed it I still would claim it was wrong. He said if the government uses them and the courts they have to be reliable . We were together 16 years when I try to talk to him about it he won't talk about it he just says all I had to do was tell the truth and he would have tried to  forgive me he can't be in a relationship with lies hanging over it and I should give it up . He also thinks that I am trying to make a fool out of him by not telling the truth .I already told the truth but he believes the results of the test. He is a good husband and great dad .He said what kind of example would he be to his children by staying with a cheater and if I did it once I will do it again. The guy was a family friend now I think if my husband seen this guy he would hurt him badly when either of us did anything all he did was help me with my taxes that is why he was at my home and that is why the rumor started his car was at my home. My husband thinks that no man outside family should be at my house if he is not there .They where friends for 30 years but not any more .
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Re: Infidelity
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It is not unusual for truthful people to fail a polygraph "test." Polygraphy is a scam: it has no scientific basis, and the only ones claiming it's valid are those who are those with vested interests in the perpetuation of this scam.

You'll find the stories of others who have wrongly failed the polygraph here. See in particular the statement (PDF) of Gary Smith, who like you wrongly failed a "fidelity" polygraph.

For more about polygraphy and the simplistic assumptions that underly this pseudoscience, see our e-book, The Lie Behind the Lie Detector (1 mb PDF).

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