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lie detector test, do or dont do
Oct 2nd, 2009 at 9:06pm
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I am new to all this so please bare with me, i just wanted so advise and i was reading some of the comments and i feel i just had to say this: yes when a child is molested it is a horrible thing and the guilty should be punished, but every one is loosing site of the unfortunate thing that there has been cases where someone was falsely accused. i have been on both sides of that coin. something bad happen to me when i was young.  but now i am dealing with a situation that my 2 step daughters have accused  my son (14) of doing things to them.  well this all started because the girls want to go live with their mother and get their way with certain things that my fiance and i dont let them get away with.  in the police report the officer writes : the girls said that :"my son was a spoiled brat and he gets what ever he wants and that they are going to make him pay". the storys change like 6 times.  several social workers told me they beleive my son is innocent. even the detective states he believes my son.  but just last week he asked if we consent to letting my son take a polygraph test.  well i contacted a lawyer so now i am trying to come up with money for that. then when i told the detective this he totally changed his tone of voice and said if i dont call him by wednesday he is going to file the case.  what evidence or what crime. its all bs.  so now i ask did i just makeit worse for my son by saying i am going to hire him a lawyer.  so many different advices.  my head is spinning with worry and grief that they are railroading my son.  mind you that i have raised the girls for ten years like my very own. so all this is tripple the horror for me. what should i do? i might add that my fiance and his son are on the side of my son.  please people who read this think about this, there are kids out there that do mean things to get their way and they start stuff that gets carried away and then they dont know what else to do but to continue on with the lies for fear of getting into trouble. my son by the way wants to take the test but my fiance says no. cuz they dont have nothing on him so they are trying to get him to get nervouse and hurt himself with the test.   i am confused
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Re: lie detector test, do or dont do
Reply #1 - Oct 3rd, 2009 at 2:53am
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Under no circumstances let your son take the polygraph. At such a young age, the polygrapher will turn him inside out. The polygraph is nothing more than an interrogation without legal counsel. If the detective had any evidence, he would have already filed the case and you son would already be arrested. Since all are minors, it's a she says/he says situation. Tell him to file his stupid case. Sounds like he is now on a power trip. The girls have changed their story 6 times. There is no jury, hearing this, that will convict your son. And yes, some little girls do lie when they don't get what they want. There are news stories all the time where the story is recanted. I'm with you. The persons guilty of this should be severly punished. However, one has to keep in mind that for the last 15 years there has been a feeding frenzy on this subject and has gotten a lot of polutedtisians elected.Still NOONE is required by law to take a polugraph.
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lie detector test, do or dont do

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