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Anti-polygraph and Polygraph Search Engines
Sep 29th, 2008 at 1:50am
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Interesting tid-bits.  The website is constantly being chastised as ineffective by people who disagree with the information being provided.  

The website is chastised as providing false information which only confuses potential applicants and hurts their chances of "passing".

The website is attacked as providing "comfort to the enemies of the United States" by providing information that compromises polygraph procedure.

How can these views be reconciled?

If the information is false, we are assisting our country's security by providing false information to the enemy.

If the information is false and countermeasures do not work,  why make a fuss, just ignore us and continue business as usual.  All people using countermeasures will be caught and the argument is moot.  Why even bother to post or waste time here?

If the test is so scientific, why would anything that we present at this website be capable of skewing any results?  A truly scientific test is independent of such variables.  Science is science and facts are facts. Knowledge of procedures should not be able to affect a scientific test or procedure.

Put the word "polygraph" in Google's search engine.  After three paid advertisers, comes up number two on the list.

Put the word "antipolygraph" in Google's search engine and it is number one.

Every time they post a rebuttal, they are feeding the search engine.

If I want a TV show to go away, I stop watching it.

If I want a website to go away, I would stop posting on it.

Why do those who say this website is useless keep posting?  Do they not realize that all they are doing is feeding the machine more data to keep the website alive?

The more posts, the more hits, and more exposure follows.

Is "The Lie Behind the Lie Detector" a lie?  It should not matter at all if the test is scientific and countermeasures can be detected.  Why all the fuss?
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