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Re: What type of test is this?
Sep 17th, 2007 at 1:24pm
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honeywell wrote on Sep 17th, 2007 at 3:48am:
A friend and I applied for a law enforcment job.  He allready took the polygraph last week and told me it basically consisted of a stim test with using the "number game" lie.

Awesome----like totally cool. Like, are you guys going to the mall later?

Then the test itself consisted of about 100 questions that came directly off his background questionaire he filled out just before the test.  These questions inlcuded sex on duty, drug history, theft, etc.

Once the questions were asked, that was it.  No challenges, to second tests, no post-interview, no info on results, nothing.  He just got unhooked and was told, 'thanks."

He said it took about 1 hour to complete and he was hooked up during the entire questioning.  One week later and he still hasn't heard anything but he is still being processed with his medical and stuff.

We are both retired cops for other agencies and are trying to come out of retirement to get a local cop job.

Can you say 401K?I guess not.

What kind of test was this?  I have no confidence in the poly and, while I dont have anything to cover up, I want to be eductaed as much as possible before I take my test.

Please help with any info or thoughts you might have on this test and how CM's should be applied to insure no false readings.

An oxymoron. Ox plus Moron

Since you and your girlfriend like to cheat on tests that you don't want to take, you should also eat several Alka Seltzer's before the swim test so you can float better.

Good Luck Cowboy,
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