Normal Topic Re: My husband is having me take a polygraph (Read 1896 times)
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Re: My husband is having me take a polygraph
Dec 17th, 2003 at 3:09am
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This isn't going to end well, regardless of what happens.

You are hoping to deceive your husband.  He's dumb enough and/or mistrustful enough to think the polygraph will help him discern the truth.

Aside from the moral issues, what do you gain by deceiving him?  Continued marriage with a guy who would force his wife to take a polygraph?  Some prize.

Just fess up and get it over with.

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Re: My husband is having me take a polygraph
Reply #1 - Dec 17th, 2003 at 4:40am
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This would almost be comical, if it weren't so sad.   

Any person that would require their spouse to take a polygraph exam has some serious "trust issues" to work out, and is in serious need of is the spouse that would consider using countermeasures and lying during the process.   

Let me ask you this Manic, if your husband is requiring you to submit to a polygraph, do you honestly think that he'll believe the results of the exam, even if they come out in your favor?  Maybe your husband doesn't trust people in general, or maybe something happened in your relationship to trigger his mistrust, and now he doesn't believe your word.  At any rate, I don't think that a stupid machine that measures blood pressure, breathing, and sweat is going to alleviate any of his anxiety over the real issue at hand........your honesty.   

Good luck.  You're going to need it.   

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Re: My husband is having me take a polygraph
Reply #2 - Dec 17th, 2003 at 7:02am
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If this is a hanky panky issue, the solution is easy. Tell him you will take a poly if he will. He needs prove his his faithfullness as well. These things are usually a two way street. Sounds like he may be accusing you to cover his iniquities. If he refuses, tell him to kiss your rosy red cheeks and you don't mean the ones beside your nose.
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Re: My husband is having me take a polygraph

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