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Topic Summary - Displaying 7 post(s).
Posted by: Anthony R
Posted on: Dec 29th, 2022 at 8:41pm
  Mark & Quote
Let me give some insights into the probably ruined academic/research career of Marigo Stathis.  I worked in academia in the mid-80's, and although I had an impressive title, the money was slim.  Perhaps this is why Stathis thought she would supplement her income by "renting out" her credentials to someone like Charles Humble, who's highest earned degree from an accredited institution was an Associate's.  Also, Humble needed a fake scientific paper to wow his customers, most of which would not have the training to see through this garbage.  A 14 page "study" would be some work for an undergrad, a so-called 18 year exhaustive study should have been into the hundreds of pages.  Obviously, this appeared to have backfired on Stathis and why she no longer appears to be employed at Johns Hopkins.  I am surprised someone at JHU would advise she had been fired.  When I was in management, I was told to only confirm employment dates, and not a word more to avoid a losing lawsuit.  But I digress.
After a Google search to prepare this response, I found an entry that Stathis is now into creative writing.  Maybe the "Chapman study" was the impetus for this endeavor.
Posted by: Sterling A.
Posted on: Dec 25th, 2022 at 11:42am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Page 56 shows a breakdown of why the study is flawed.
Posted by: lcrane
Posted on: Aug 29th, 2020 at 4:14am
  Mark & Quote
       For about a year, I tried to contact Stathis to get the location of the journal the Chapman study was in because I and others could not find the location of it. She never responded to my emails or phone calls. I finally called their security department at JHU to see if she was still there. They told me she was not and had been fired from JHU it seems for violating her contract of doing outside work: in this case promoting Cvsa. An ex-employee of Nitv, knew someone that worked at Nitv, who found out the rest.
         Why would a very smart person, Stathis, a neuro-scientist , with a great job, get mixed up with a business, Nitv, with a long and documented history of being a scam? Did she  do any type of due diligence before she did? Did she ever see the national, 2006 ABC News investigation of Nitv/Cvsa/Humble where Charlie admitted, on camera, there were no independent studies that proved Cvsa was any better than a coin toss and he only had a store bought title (fake) of "Dr" (PhD)? Any product, with no independent proof it works, is a fraud, a felony. Our Maschke, here at AP, has a real, earned PhD.
Posted by: lcrane
Posted on: Aug 29th, 2020 at 3:37am
  Mark & Quote
       Clearly, you seem be connected to Nitv to downplay the enormous importance of a scam of a fake lie detector ruining millions of criminal cases and falsely accusing millions of innocent people. Others in the past, connected to nitv, have posted on AP using fake names that were later "outed" by Mr. Maschke. They wrote false  information about other lie detector businesses to take sales away from them for Nitv. One of those "unmasked" was Tom Golden, a former high level military person who was "outed" in the 2006 lawsuit by Nitv against Vipre. It was revealed in that lawsuit Golden did many types of "dirty tricks" for Nitv.
        As per your remark to keep the comments "professional", FACTS are professional. Every scam is important, especially the scam of a fake lie detector being sold to various law enforcement departments nationwide for 30 years, including to the US military which banned the Cvsa after a few years of use and having wasted about $1 million buying Nitv's Cvsa's and  made up training. The nitv scam has been extremely documented, in detail, by many news sites, lawsuits, AP and other sites for 30 years. A scam that is still going on today. A scam that bought full page ads then double full page ads every month for 15 years in major police magazines to lie about their gadget, training, owner, accuracy and credibility only to get pigeons to make money, estimated to be about $75 million so far. A scam that had to use made up "studies" (DoD, Chapman) to make people think their gadget works. A scam that used made up claims of "not affected by drugs, alcohol or counter-measures" in their ads. Claims that nitv has never documented, in any way, as being factual. Nitv's lack of proof also applies to their training course and their made up AIS body language course that Nitv claims is also a lie detector.   
       Mr. Todd B, would you be so indifferent on this matter if it was you being accused of a crime because you flunked a test by a extremely unreliable "voice lie detector" with NO independent studies that proved the accuracy was better than a coin toss? If this topic bores you, don't bother reading my posts. I am trying to protect people and law enforcement.
Posted by: George W. Maschke
Posted on: Aug 28th, 2020 at 8:18pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
lcrane wrote on Aug 28th, 2020 at 6:06pm:
Plus, Stathis, who used to work at John Hopkins University (JHU) in Maryland, was FIRED over a year ago. It seems, according to their security, JHU found out she was being paid by nitv to promote the fake study nationwide to help sell the cvsa. JHU did not want her corruption to be associated with the research work at JHU.

How do you know for sure that this is so?
Posted by: Todd B
Posted on: Aug 28th, 2020 at 6:58pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Lets' keep the comments on this board professional.  The purpose of AP is to post information of value.  There are always going to be controversial companies in any marketplace. 

For example we have had some good articles and comments the past few days on espionage, which is far more interesting than this post.
Posted by: lcrane
Posted on: Aug 28th, 2020 at 6:06pm
  Mark & Quote
It seems Mr. Maschke has a friend at the American Polygraph ASSociation (APA). Go to, go down to Resources, click Voice Stress Studies and you will see 2 links (of many) Mr. Maschke has on his website exposing the cvsa/nitv/humble/kane/wives fraud. One link is the ABC News investigation video from 2006 about the nitv fraud and the other link is about nitv falsely (lying) claiming Chapman study proves Cvsa is 98% accurate. How come old man Charlie, his Cuban wife and Nitv manager Lourdes, co-owner Kane and his Russian wife Olga (CFO) have not sued APA for posting them, since the nitv gang sues anybody and everybody for 30 years? Why hasn't Nitv ever sued ABC News after 15 years if the ABC News report was false?  The fact is, Chapman and co-author neuroscientist Stathis NEVER mentioned cvsa or nitv in the "study" that is only 14 pages. So how could Chapman then or Stathis today still claim  the "study" proves cvsa and training are 98% accurate? They can't, but Stathis still does. It proves how stupid (or bribed) law enforcement was and still are that they never read the full Chapman "study" and realized that. Are they really  "investigators" deciding people's fate? Plus, Stathis, who used to work at John Hopkins University (JHU) in Maryland, was FIRED over a year ago. It seems, according to their security, JHU found out she was being paid by nitv to promote the fake study nationwide to help sell the cvsa. JHU did not want her corruption to be associated with the research work at JHU. Checking website, Nitv had deleted recently an article written by Stathis which had been posted for years. Why?  Kenosha, Wisconsin is in the news because of a killing by police of a Black man. Wisconsin has 65 departments with cvsa. Kenosha County sheriff has Cvsa. Wait till Antifa, Black Lives Matter and others find out about Cvsa in Wisconsin and the 2,700 (claimed by Nitv at Dektor trial) departments nationwide with cvsa and we will see what kind of riots and lawsuits happen then.