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Topic Summary - Displaying 3 post(s).
Posted by: xenonman
Posted on: Jun 20th, 2013 at 7:49am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I'm always amused by the naivete of questions such as these.

These queries come from applicants who commit serious violations (at least from a BI standpoint), and then ask for advice as to how to obtain a TS clearance. Angry
Posted by: rawform
Posted on: Sep 25th, 2010 at 6:42am
  Mark & Quote
You need to find out what the DQ's are for the position you are seeking. For example if a DQ is you must not have smoked marijuana with in the last 2 years and you smoked last month then you most likely would be disqualified. In most cases with a high security clearance they will make you fill out a personal integrity questionnaire, be honest. They need honest people working for them. The idea behind the polygraph is to weed out dishonest people but the polygraph it self is a lie and being honest when taking a poly does not guarantee a pass. read the lie behind the lie detector if you want to pass the polygraph interrogation. I am not saying your a dishonest person. but I must say I do not condone dishonest people working in high security clearance . There is enough of that going on as it is. Just remember if for what ever reason you do not get this job stay away from the pot and other drugs for 2-5 years and in a lot of cases you will qualify for the types of jobs it sounds like you are interested in. DO NOT FAIL THE POLY! depending on the job your trying to get it could follow you. read the book. good luck.
Posted by: jbillings
Posted on: Sep 25th, 2010 at 12:56am
  Mark & Quote
I'm a student in College right now and my company wants me to get a security clearance. I've been using marijuana recreationally for the past few months... but stopped immediately after reading the SF86. I don't plan on smoking anymore because I've realized work is much more important. I've also used cocaine on a couple instances, but they were outside the country and wouldn't happen again.

I am willing to be fully honest about all this stuff and tell the investigator that it was all kinda me just being silly at the time... but I feel like that since it's so recent that it's going to be an automatic DQ. After researching on the internet, I don't really see anyone in my position. Mostly just adults who made the same mistakes I did in college (and probably even more, or for a longer period of time) and as long as they admit to that it's usually not an issue and they're cleared.

Biggest issues I have are:
- Recent use
- It's a high level clearance... this is TS that requires a poly

Good things:
- Majority of drug use was outside the country
- The dates of use only go over a 3 month period.

What do you guys think? I'm also not really sure how to tell my Security Officer this... I mean, the last thing I'd want is to lose my job all in all. I know if I submit the forms then obviously they'll be aware. He also indicated to me that whatever is discussed regarding this stuff is just between me and him so I feel OK with it. It's important to note that I don't *need* this clearance necessarily to maintain my job, but I do need it if I want more opportunities and to move up.

Also... does my employer have the right to terminate me based on the knowledge that I've done drugs while employed, even though I have vowed to discontinue use. I haven't said anything to my Security Officer yet because I'm scared it might pose a problem. We don't get drug tested at my company.

I'm looking for someone to give me personal feedback; I'm already familiar with the ADR and have done a lot of googling around.