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This letter was sent to the Central Intelligence Agency by fax to (703) 613-3007 on 27 March 2002.

                                    Hart Nibbrigkade 22
                                    2597 XV Den Haag


                                    Wednesday, 27 March 2002

Kathryn I. Dyer
Information and Privacy Coordinator
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

Dear Ms. Dyer:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 
552). I request that a copy of the following declassified 
articles from the CIA publication Studies in Intelligence be 
provided to me:

    Crawford, Chester C. "The Polygraph in Agent Interrogation." 
    Summer 1960

    Diangson, Clark R. "Communications to the Editors: 
    Reservations on the Polygraph." Fall 1961

In order to help you determine my status for the purpose of 
assessing fees, you should know that this request is made for 
public interest purposes and not for commercial use. Any 
documents released pursuant to this request will be made 
publicly available at no cost on the website

I am willing to pay fees for this request up to a maximum of 
$25. If you estimate that the fees will exceed this limit, 
please inform me first.

I request, however, a waiver of fees for this request because 
disclosure of the requested information to me is in the public 
interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to 
public understanding of the operations or activities of the CIA 
and is not in my commercial interest.


George W. Maschke

PS: A copy of this Freedom of Information Act request will be 
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