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The Central Intelligence Agency sent this cost estimate in response to's Freedom of Information Act requests dated 12 March 2002 for 1) "any report(s) on the history of the CIA polygraph division, including, but not limited to, any written by former CIA polygrapher John F. Sullivan" and 2) "documentation of any standardized briefing provided to CIA employees or applicants prior to their taking polygraph examinations, whether on paper, videotape, or any other media."

26 March 2002

Mr. George W. Maschke
Hart Nibbrigkade 22
2597 XV The Hague

Reference: F-2002-00237

Dear Mr. Maschke:

This acknowledges receipt of your 12 March 2002 facsimiles requesting records under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Specifically, your request is for records pertaining to:

  1. The history of the CIA polygraph division.
  2. Standardized briefing provided to CIA employees or applicants prior to their taking polygraph examinations.

For identification purposes we have assigned your request the number referenced above. Please refer to this number in future correspondence.

In an effort to assist you, we searched our system of previously released records on your subjects and located no responsive records. We can search our other records systems for records on these subjects.

However, for your information, the FOIA authorizes federal agencies to collect fees for records services. You will note on the enclosed fee schedule [235 kb PDF] that we charge search fees, including computer time where indices are computerized, and copying costs for releasable documents. In accordance with Section (a) of the schedule, search fees are assessable even if no records are found, or if found, we determine that they are not releasable. This means you will be charged even if our search results are negative or if we determine that no information is releasable under the FOIA. The search fees for each item in a request are usually about U.S. $150. In this instance, your request includes two items, at an estimated cost of $300 (U.S.).

Based upon the information provided in your letter, we have determined that your request falls into the "all other" fee category, which means that you will be required to pay charges which recover the cost of searching for and reproducing responsive records (if any) beyond the first 100 pages of reproduction and the first two hours of search time, which will be furnished without charge. Copying costs will be assessed at the rate of ten cents per page.

Before we can begin processing your request, we must receive your commitment to pay fees incurred under the conditions stated above. Meanwhile, we will hold your request in abeyance for 45 days from the date of this letter pending your reply.

Kathryn I. Dyer
Information and Privacy Coordinator

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