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On 29 November 2001, Defense Security Service (DSS) Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Specialist Tanya R. Layne <> sent by e-mail the following response to's e-mail dated 23 November 2001. For discussion of this FOIA request, see the message board thread, DSS Withholds R/I Screening Documentation.

Mr. Maschke:

In reference to your email below:

The material reviewed and denied release is a DoDPI course lesson plan
document consisting of 38 pages, entitled "DoD Polygraph Institute
Relevant/Irrelevant Screening Test."

This lesson plan outlines the techniques, multi-phase and issue test(s) that
uses relevant, irrelevant, and technical questions.

There was no additional information (i.e., videotape, computer media, etc.)
other than this specific document located pertaining to your FOIA Request.

"George W. Maschke" wrote:

> Dear Ms. Layne:
> I received today your letter dated 9 November 2001 withholding all
> material responsive to my Freedom of Information Act request dated 5
> September 2001 for "[a]ll Department of Defense Polygraph Institute
> (DoDPI) materials describing the R/I (Relevant/Irrelevant) Screening
> Test, whether on paper, videotape, computer media, or in any other
> format."
> In your letter, you characterize your withholding of this material as
> only a "partial denial," apparently based on your contention that the
> amount of releasable material is "relatively small" and not "reasonably
> segregable."
> In order that I may decide whether to appeal your partial denial, I
> request that you provide me with a description of the material witheld,
> in compliance with Section (a)(6)(F) of the Freedom of Information Act,
> which provides, "In denying a request for records, in whole or in part,
> an agency shall make a reasonable effort to estimate the volume of any
> requested matter the provision of which is denied, and shall provide any
> such estimate to the person making the request, unless providing such
> estimate would harm an interest protected by the exemption in subsection
> (b) pursuant to which the denial is made."
> Merely describing the material withheld will not harm any interest
> protected by the exemption in subsection (b), and I request that you
> promptly provide me with an inventory of the materials responsive to my
> request that you identified and reviewed, with brief descriptions of
> each item.
> Sincerely,
> George W. Maschke
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