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The following California Public Records Act request was e-mailed to LAPD Public Information Director Mary E. Grady on 19 April 2004:
Dear Ms. Grady:

This is a request under the California Public Records Act (California Government Code §§6250-6258). I request that copies of the following documentation be provided to me:

An audit prepared by LAPD employee Terry Carter in 2003 comparing reports sent by the Scientific Investigation Unit's Polygraph Unit to the Personnel Division's Administrative Investigation Section (AIS), commonly referred to as "Backgrounds," during a six-month period, and any associated documentation.

It has been reported to that this audit revealed that in "dozens" of instances, reports sent by the Polygraph Unit Supervisor to Backgrounds differed from those on file with the Polygraph Unit. (See the message board discussion thread LAPD Polygraph Cover-up? for additional details.)

I understand that the documentation I have requested may contain personal information regarding those who submitted to polygraph examinations during the audit period, and I do not object to the redaction of such identifying information as names, social security, or driver license numbers. However, if the audit includes polygraph subjects' dates of birth, I request that such information not be redacted, as it may help individuals to determine whether their polygraph reports were among those allegedly falsified. I also request that any data regarding the sex of those polygraphed not be redacted, because it has been suggested that the alleged irregularities disproportionately affected female examinees.

Please mail the requested documentation to me at:

Hart Nibbrigkade 22
2597 XV The Hague
The Netherlands

or fax it to me at's fax number, 1-206-666-4271.

I am willing to pay copy costs arising from this request up to $25.00 consistent with CGC §6257. Please notify me if copy costs will exceed this amount.

In accordance with CGC §6256, I request a determination on this request within 10 days of your receipt of it.


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