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Taking one for the team
Jul 4th, 2001 at 11:38am
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I first took a polygraph about 3 years ago, like many of you I always believed that as long as I was honest there would be no problem.  I took the test, told the truth to all the questions, shook the guys hand and went on my way.  I was later informed the test had been inconclusive.  I really had no idea what the heck that meant.  I simply just let it be and moved on with my life.  I currently work for a law enforcement agency, and have never been happier at any other job I have ever had, the only problem is the pay in this part of the country is kind of low.  My wife was planning on visiting her sister out of state and we entertained the thought of us relocating.   I put in applications with two local PD's in that area and informed them of when I would be going.  They were both kind enough to schedule me to go through the application process while I was up there.  I passed the written, PT, and background interviews with both departments.  Then came the Polygraphs.  Since I had already taken one I kind of knew what to expect (feeling completely naked and vulnerable while a complete stranger takes on a holier than thou attitude and tries to convince you he is psychic), but I had also recently searched out answers to what the heck "INCONCLUSIVE" results were attributed to.  I found this site and now was armed with INFORMATION.  I arrived at the first exam early, dressed professional and very very calm(I now had the upperhand).  I really wanted to stick to complete honesty with the Polygrapher, so I went with the "honesty approach" and when asked what I knew about the polygraph I told him I pretty much knew everything about it.  He seemed shocked and offended that I looked up this INFO on the internet, and added that only people with something to hide resorted to such measures.  I explained to him that I had always wondered about my "Inconclusive" results in my first test and that is why I looked up the INFO on the Polygraph.  He then went to tell me I probably got the Inconclusive on my first test because I used countermeasures! I then told him that is not possible as I just recently learned of the counter measures and there for could not have used them 3 years ago.  He then warned me that he could tell if I was using them and that only russian spies who have practiced them for years could properly employ them.  He then proceeded with the test (10 questions asked once then a break then the same ten). The Questions were pretty general, 
1.Aside from what you told me have you ever used any other drugs. 2. Are you a totally honest person(CQ). 3.  Have you ever used unnecessary force. 4.  Have you ever committed any felonies. 5.  Is today friday(IQ)  6.  Aside from what you have told me have you ever stolen anything over 50 dollars from an employer. etc etc etc.(CQ) Well yep you guessed it he accused me of using countermeasures to pass the test.  He then proceeded to show me on the screen how I had no reaction to any questions! and asked me if I knew what that meant.  I told him I probably had no reaction because I didn't believe in the "Machine" and really felt it induced no fear of any kind in me.  He then told me if I admit to using countermeasures and sign a paper admitting to it we could schedule the test all over again.  I refused and he very angrily told me to leave and that he had no respect for people like me and the department did need anyone who would cheat on the test as it shows they have something to hide and are dishonest, he then corrects himself and says I am calling the test "INCONCLUSIVE" as I am not allowed to say you are cheating.
Needless to say I do not recommend the Honesty approach, I really don't think they are ready to be stripped of their "super powers" I am sure they feel like Gods during those "tests", however in my next post I will let you know the disaster that became of my poly with the other Dept.   
Until then good luck to all of you, who due to having integrity, honor, good sense of morals and a genuine care for the safety of others, choose Law Enforcement as a career, even though we all know we will never be rich, and may have our lives taken in the line of duty, leave behind children we will never see grow up and a loving spouse who no matter what has stood by our side and kisses us goodbye every time we leave for work knowing it may be the last time.  Yet we still have to take the slap in the face of having our Integrity called into question by a "machine".   
To those of you who haven't been able to get into law enforcement because of the machine, maybe it was for the best, They don't deserve you anyway and you will get to work law enforcement just don't give up, giving up just means they win.

"But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams."&&
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Re: Taking one for the team
Reply #1 - Jul 8th, 2001 at 9:09pm
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It is good to see someone go to a polygraph educated with the process and knowing what to expect. Knowledge is power in this case.

I think you have a good basis to appeal your "inconclusive" analysis. I say this because the polygrapher challenged your integrity as a police officer. Your honesty is good, but it was the wrong approach. The  tirade that this polygrapher subjected you to was very unprofessional and I hope you appeal and request the polygrapher be present at such an appeal.

I have been through a couple of polygraphs that were labeled "deceptive". I found this site after the second one. Who knows what the outcome would have been if I read The Lie Behind The Lie Detector before the second one.

For the record, I have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters of Public Administration. I often wonder about the education of the guys at the PD's who do the polys. They seem jealous and that definitely affects the outcome of your test. A few of them are there because they are IOD or just looking for something "soft" on the way out.

Your biggest concern should be that these "inconclusive" tests wil be reported back to the PD you work for now. This could have a negative impact on your employment with that dept. I was put in that situation as a civilian employee for the Dept. I work for now. Other than a stern "We know you failed and anything that happens in your bureau, you are the prime suspect" warning from my Captain, nothing else has occurred.

Your qoute:
"To those of you who haven't been able to get into law enforcement because of the machine, maybe it was for the best, They don't deserve you anyway and you will get to work law enforcement".

"Just don't give up, giving up just means they win."

This is what drives me to continue to pursue a career in law enforcement. I have seen many who "passed" the machine do dirty deeds and tarnish the image of those who are honest and have integrity.
I still want to pursue law enforcement as a career and have applied for jobs that DON'T require a polygraph and have good salary and growth opportunities. 

I hope that you can relocate and find a new job.

Good Luck,

Fred F.  Wink
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Taking one for the team

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