Normal Topic Husband failed 2 polygraphs for cheating (Read 1107 times)
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Husband failed 2 polygraphs for cheating
Sep 5th, 2021 at 8:54pm
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So yeah he failed 2 for cheating, I donít trust them on their own but thought that with evidence I found it might give me an idea? Anyway he had sweat reactions to the relevant questions where his sweat detector spiked only with relevant questions and his breathing stopped twice with the relevant questions. He says itís wrong and I get that their accuracy is being disputed here, but I mean I found condoms we donít use, he has downloaded hookup apps in the past, heís a liar so maybe he failed and heís actually lying right? I mean just because theyíre inaccurate doesnít meant heís telling the truth. How often are they wrong? Because I know innocent people have passed and liars have failed so what is the probability? Keep in mind that in my case heís probably lying so itís probably an ďaccurateĒ result for him.
Another question; with the second test the guy said he shows clients the screen and that Iím allowed to be in there so I can view his responses live. He explained the green spike is the sweat. So first he asked some irrelevant questions, normal sweat, then with the sex questions the sweat spiked all the way up, I saw it myself. Then when he asked another relevant question the sweat would lower all the way down and he said my husband was dehydrated but thatís impossible because he drank soooo much water. Then he put the sweat monitor on me and and then sweat levels were Normal, he said you should see little mountains but every time my husbands sweat reaction would spike all the way up, it would flat line, like it wasnít reading the moisture in him anymore so he had us leave a few times to drink water and everytime we came back in his sweat was Norma for the first irrelevant questions and with the sex question it would spike up really high and then flat line so we couldnít ask the other 2 relevant questions because he kept running out of ďsweatĒ. A few people were tested in between us leaving for water and the examiner said every single one of them was moisturized enough but my husband kept flat lining after spiking really high. Any ideas what this could mean? And please be nice Iím not trying to make big life decisions based on lie detectors but more so based on real life physical evidence that I saw and I also want to be more educated on this because I am opened minded
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Re: Husband failed 2 polygraphs for cheating
Reply #1 - Sep 6th, 2021 at 2:46am
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Jujumari84 wrote on Sep 5th, 2021 at 8:54pm:
I found condoms we donít use, he has downloaded hookup apps in the past, heís a liar so maybe he failed and heís actually lying right?

Your husband is a CHEATER.  This is clear as day.  No need for a polygraph to confirm this.  Most spouses who take infidelity polygraphs end up failing because it is a hot juicy topic for the polygrapher to whack off to.  Time for you to find a new husband.
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Re: Husband failed 2 polygraphs for cheating
Reply #2 - Sep 7th, 2021 at 7:36pm
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Sweat detector? Sweat "spiked"? Allows you to watch the reactions real time? He put the "sweat monitor" on you? He kept running out of sweat? No mention of comparison questions? You found condoms? This is one bizarre post.
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Husband failed 2 polygraphs for cheating

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