Normal Topic Shadows into Light: The Investigative Utility of Voice Analysis with Two Types of Child-Sex Predators (Read 1556 times)
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Shadows into Light: The Investigative Utility of Voice Analysis with Two Types of Child-Sex Predators
Jul 27th, 2020 at 9:52pm
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Published by Marigo Stathis & Maria Marinakas. Study is apparently for the benefit of NITV Federal Services LLC, vendor for the CVSA. On page 20 Disclosure of Interest the authors claim there is no conflict to this publication.  Doing a quick review note the following:

1.  Marigo Stathis, and in doing general Google searches surfaces as the Professor James Chapman award recipient as given to her by NITV Federal Services through the captive trade & training association NACVSA (National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts) ; See APA Magazine May 2014 regarding the Chapman Study/NACVSA as authored by James Wygant.

2.  Marigo Stathis, and also doing general Google searches of NITV CVSA produces numerous organic search results that feature web pages from as well as ; Clearly this woman has been involved with NITV Federal Services and as far back as 2012.

3.  This 2nd study is also claiming the CVSA is 98% accurate using the 2012 CHAPMAN STUDY published overseas in one of the former Soviet republics.  The Chapman Study is also listed as a source reference. 

4.  The term CVSA is used almost 100 times in the text of this study with other references.  No comparative mention of the polygraph which is used in ICAC investigations here in the State of Texas and others.  In this study the authors weave in subliminal sales messages by the extensive usage of the term CVSA.   

5.  In this 2020 study Marigo Stathis states the CVSA has 2,000 installations nationwide. Current PDF downloadable training bulletins provide a higher number as in 2500 CVSA installations.

6.  In doing general Google searches once again the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma had negative studies of the CVSA, along with others. Using a USA based publisher would have given this study more credibility. The publishers overseas often have relaxed standards. They commonly charge the authors to peer review and publish the study. 

In Texas we do not use the CVSA as it is unlawful.  The same goes in South Carolina where the federal polygraph school is located. CVSA is also unlawful to use in the State of Oklahoma.

NITV_Federal_Services_2nd_CVSA_Study.pdf ( 9522 KB | 218 Downloads )
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Re: Shadows into Light: The Investigative Utility of Voice Analysis with Two Types of Child-Sex Predators
Reply #1 - Dec 11th, 2020 at 11:05am
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You'll find a commentary on Stathis and Marinakis' "Shadows into Light" on the blog here:

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Shadows into Light: The Investigative Utility of Voice Analysis with Two Types of Child-Sex Predators

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