Normal Topic List: U.S. Fed Employee Criminals - All Passed Polys (Read 1642 times)
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List: U.S. Fed Employee Criminals - All Passed Polys
Apr 13th, 2020 at 6:04am
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I wanted to start a thread where we can all post actual examples, of law enforcement, intelligence community, and other U.S. government employees who had to pass polygraphs for their jobs, meanwhile concealing crimes. 

I will start this list.  Some of these people had Top Secret/ SCI clearances and passed their pre-employment or routine 5-year security clearance review polygraphs while hiding criminal activity.  These are U.S. government employees, federal agents, and other "trusted" U.S. citizens who beat the machine.  If they can beat it, anyone can.

2020 - Jose Ismael Irizarry - DEA Agent - charged with money laundering in Columbian drug scheme

2020 - Joshua Schulte - NSA and CIA employee - accused of CIA Vault Wikileaks leak, the trial resulted in a hung jury.  Also charged with possession of child porn, which he had in his possession during his CIA polygraphs

2019-2020 - Fernando Gomez, DEA Agent and U.S. Marine - convicted for crimes involving a drug and firearms trafficking. (story also attached as a hacked pdf in case you are unable to view the article without signing up)

2019 - Ron Rockwell Hansen - DIA Officer - convicted in 2019 of attempted transmission of classified information to China.

2019 - Harold Thomas Martin III - NSA Employee - stealing classified info from NSA

2018 - Nghia Hoang Pho - NSA Employee - stealing classified info from NSA

2017 - Lee Robert Moore - U.S. Secret Service Officer  - convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for sending sexually explicit messages to minors, sometimes while on duty at the White House!

2017 - Kun Shan Chun, a/k/a "Joey Chun," - FBI Electronics Technician - convicted of spying for China during his FBI employment.

2001 - Ana Montes  - DIA Officer - convicted of spying for Cuba

1994 - Aldrich Ames - CIA Officer - convicted of spying for Russia

1986 - Larry Wu-tai Chin - CIA Employee - convicted of selling classified information to China

These are our trusted, Top-Secret-cleared, polygraph passing, federal employees.  Let's keep this going, focusing on people who likely passed polys during their ongoing criminal activities.  Add more!

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Re: List: U.S. Fed Employee Criminals - All Passed Polys
Reply #1 - May 15th, 2020 at 7:23pm
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Great list, I had a discussion with a polygrapher, and how my opinion of the polygraph was voodoo science, i mentioned Ames and Ridgeway, and the problem with the false positive and Melvyn Foster.  He called me ignorant and didn't know what I was talking about.
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List: U.S. Fed Employee Criminals - All Passed Polys

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