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PSY Family Services
Jul 3rd, 2019 at 7:41am
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Just an interesting note:

PSY Family Services
301 W Rosedale
Ft Worth

Had contracts that read that if a persons polygraph showed deception they could be terminated from treatment.
It was brought to their attention that a party had attempted to make changed to the contract and they refused all changes.

It was then explained that would make it a contract of adhesion, which commonly courts rule that any semantically argument that can be brought forward  would default to the person who signed the contract.
And that polygraphs can not show deception, they as described by law aid in the detection of such.
Within couple months they issued new contracts which had to be signed under threat of being kicked out stating that only another matter on them had been changed.

That same person noted they had changed it to "cleared" and requested copies of the original to compare.
Stating threat to kick him out was threat of government action (threatening his parole, not his "therapy" as he didn't want to attend PSY) and that making such a change worked to confirm his prior assertation of the contract(s).

Persons who were told that only a certain portion of the contract had changed and signed it believing that can file complaint on fraudulently represented contracts.

But more importantly those revoked for being kicked out of the therapy prior to the new contract may have grounds in which they could sue PSY for cost and loss for breach of contract. With the new contracts working to support that PSY knows and understands that a Polygraph does not itself show deception as the contract stated clearly.
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