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U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch Challenge Coin
Aug 22nd, 2018 at 8:43am
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A U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch "challenge coin" has recently appeared for sale on eBay, and has obtained a specimen:

On one face appears the text "U.S.S.S. POLYGRAPH BRANCH" above the U.S. Secret Service logo. Beneath it appears the mock Latin phrase, "JUSTICA PER VERUM." It would seem that "Justice through truth" is intended. Although I'm not a Latin scholar, I believe that in actual Latin, "Iustitia ex veritate" is closer to what was intended. Comments welcome.

On the opposite face appears the legend "LET THE MIND GAMES BEGIN" under which appears a winged flaming skull with red eyes. How appropriate.

The skull emblem seems to be a cultural reference; if anyone recognizes it for sure, I'd be interested to know. A Google image search indicates that the winged skull emblem -- though typically not flaming -- is popular with some owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. A winged skull is also the emblem of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club.

Finally, at the bottom of the coin, the cryptic word "RUNDI" appears. It's not hard to decipher. It means, "Are you NDI?" This latter abbreviation is short for "no deception indicated," which is polygrapher jargon for "passing" or "truthful." I suppose, in a pinch, U.S.S.S. polygraph operators can flip their challenge coins to make the call.
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Re: U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch Challenge Coin
Reply #1 - Dec 16th, 2018 at 7:24pm
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I am in the hiring process to become a CBP (Customs Border Protection) officer.  I am a USAF veteran that served 8 Honorable years and now I am in the Reserves to serve out my remainder 12 year till retirement.  I've taken the CBP Polygraph exam with CBP two times and failed it twice:'(....I'm like "wwwwhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttt " Shocked Shocked Shocked?!?!?!?!?! I haven't done anything bad in my life and been an outstanding citizen, pay my taxes on time and do what I can to only succeed in what I do.  During the pretesting part I told them that when I was in college I did take part in smoking the green stuff to which they said "It was in college and back in '02 so we don't care"  I've read that the Honorable POTUS is trying to give a waiver to Law Enforcement officers and Military which I hope comes soon so I can go through and become a successful CBP officer so I can go out and protect the US citizens from the bad people.
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U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch Challenge Coin

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