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le exam stim test/control
Mar 3rd, 2015 at 5:09am
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Hello, I am set to take at least 1 or 2 le polygraphs in the next coming months maybe more if the others call back. If i just use the breathing method (blocking) and the biting tongue and/or math problems (should I do both at same time or alternate?) on the stim pretest lie question but do steady breathing on the control and relevant questions would i be suspicious as showing no reaction even on control questions?(I would assume no reaction at all is "too good") I have taken a poly a long time ago almost ten years and I got a failed because inconclusive but said I could retake in a year. At that point I chose a different career path and they weren't hiring so I didn't take another.  I am back in the hiring process again. so I have to take, also could a polygrapher ever stop after the first or second round of questions and ask why im showing a reaction to the control? at that point do I say "oh well about the lying to a loved one I remember my mom told me to walk the dog last week and I didn't but said I did" and from then on answer the control and the relevant the same or that will usually not happen?Also im confused if he does ask and its clarified do I then show no reaction or stay showing a reaction to that exact control question ?If they don't stop SO stay with the reaction on the same control the whole time? The one test I did take he went over the control questions before hand and asked so I just said something along those lines for the ever "have you ever lied to a loved one?" or should I say no or just admit a small thing like "yes one time I went out after work but said i was at work " The stim test was write down a number card and then they would go through each card and on your number lie. 

The other part would be if accused of cm just remain call and say you are telling the truth on everything? which i am because my backround is honest. Just stay calm and keep saying i swear i am telling the truth or dont give in even that much? THANKS for all this!
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le exam stim test/control

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